Ben Hogan Had The Perfect Pivot Action

bt topThat’s why you’ll see the same pivot action in a proper MCS golf back swing.

I’ve of course modified the stance and mechanics from what Ben Hogan was doing, because his pivot was perfect, but his actual swing model was unique to himself and certainly not one that will suit the average person or player.

What one needs is a standard model from which to work, and then you’ll find yourself somewhere in the ball park.

Ben Hogan’s Pivot

hogans pivot


Here’s Hogan’s excellent pivot action, and you will see the same leg mechanics in Jerry’s MCS swing. If you don’t know what to look for, keep an eye on Hogan’s right hip on the back swing.

Luckily for Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell, he’s a standard type of guy. I can’t be, with my scoliosis and required stance adjustments to swing along the MCS model.

bt pivot


So you see where the right hip looks like it’s not moving at all, while the hips themselves are pivoting?

That’s the perfect floating pivot, and that’s how you get it – by doing what Hogan was doing in his back swing.

So, my swing will never be a standard model because I deviate from standard physical specs but Jerry, you can use as a model all day long – he’s right-handed, right-dominant and uses the “floating heel pivot” throwing technique, meaning he doesn’t think about or do much with his left arm.

Others swing right-handed but are left-dominant, like myself, as I am actually left-handed but swing rightie, like the opposite of Phil Mickelson.


8 thoughts on “Ben Hogan Had The Perfect Pivot Action

    1. D Watts Post author

      You need some pressure, big guy – time to start swimming with the sharks and putting that pivot to good use.

      2016 is the year!

  1. Chief Cowpie

    Good stuff! Am loving the focus on MCS. Leave it to a consumer advocacy group or Ralph Nadar to point out deleterious effects of The Modern Golf Swing. Ralph doesn’t have to change the name of his previous book, “Unsafe At Any Speed” when he exposes the trauma inducing Modern Swing.

  2. jh32

    DJ/Jerry, can you talk a little about the wrist break, or lack of in Jerry’s swing. This is something I’ve done (by accident) and had good results, but never intentionally used it? Jim

    1. D Watts Post author

      Jim, I have a lot more wrist break on my back swing than BT does, but remember he’s a tournament player. Everything he does is to minimize a miss and to maximize a good shot, so he is quieter with his hands than I.

      The only real difference you’ll see in our swings is actually that right there. I don’t have to worry about a big score on a hole with a big miss, whereas Jerry could swing with even more power and speed, but might lose on the accuracy side – it’s a constant battle to get the right combination of power & speed with consistency.

      Too much to one side, you’re losing distance to competitors. Too far to the other side, and you’re missing fairways and/or greens going too hard after it (TW syndrome).

      I’ll let Jerry explain how, what or why our wrist action differs, but that’s my take on it.


  3. Laser

    “leg mechanics”

    –Bingo. It gets back to this. “The thing that made them [the all-time greats] so accurate and repeatable was not apparent or readily visible – it was their internal machine, working along it’s intended design” ~ DJ Watts

    1. D Watts Post author

      It’s all in the legs, just as running, dancing and jumping are all in the legs. Anything you would do for power, other than a bench press – you do with the legs, not the back and torso.

      The golf swing is no different.

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