2016 – Wax Golf Will Be About MCS

z-newmcs-logoI have taken the bulk of my nearly 1,000 Wax Golf postings out of active publication, because they are not pertinent to the new direction the blog has taken.

I will be editing some and republishing them, but I am no longer going to comment personally on the many golf analysts, writers and instructors, and players who continue to advocate and implement the “Modern Golf Swing” as we know it.

And that is, any golf swing that attempts to reduce lower body action on the back swing, either by restricting the hip pivot and/or keeping the leading foot planted during the back swing.

spieth top


Any swing, for that matter that involves any of the above and the separation or “rubber-banding” of the torso from the hips, we’ll call the “Modern Golf Swing.”

And I will continue to advocate against swinging in this manner, but I’m no longer personally interested in calling attention to the people perpetrating this swing theory.

I imagine the modern swing and its adherents will be around for a long time, if not forever.

So there will always be an alternative to the MCS and other more mechanically-sound swing models.  No need for me to further call peoples’ attention to them.

I have returned from Southern California a changed man.  I not only participated in a PGA Tour qualifying event, I got to carry a bag as Jerry “BT” Crowell’s caddie in the process.

Jerry At Bear Creek G. C. – Farmers Insurance Qualifier



I have discovered my personal adjustment for the standard MCS swing model (see my posting on having scoliosis and how it has affected my personal swing research and performance of any swing model), and in doing so, I’ve proven the swing model’s mechanical sequences for myself, as well as with a standard right-handed swinger in the form of Jerry.

Jerry Swings Standard MCS

Bt Driver


My immediate concern is that I’ll be flying to Arizona in March to visit the Wax Southwest Chapter and hang out a little with DKondo and the boys.

Wax Group


While there, I will be shooting video on the swing model within the MCS matrix that I’ll simply call the “Perfect Pivot MCS,” which is a variation of the standard “floating pivot” swing model.

The Floating Pivot has been around forever, but Ben Hogan perfected the pivot action and it hasn’t been seen on the PGA Tour or anywhere else in a long time.

And if you can use that exact pivot action combined with the MCS position and mechanics theory, you will indeed have a perfect pivot.

The Perfect Pivot Video @ DJ’s Watering Hole

perfect pivot


I’ve already let my Wax Members see the basic premise of what the Perfect Pivot entails, but I have also got work to do in the explanation of MCS from a certain scientific viewpoint – that of geometry.

So the entire reason for swinging MCS – I can now explain in mathematical terms with regards to stance and mechanical action, thanks to a new understanding provided by studying Trackman and Flight Scope data (with the aid of the Big Toilet, whose technical knowledge of how to implement MCS is unsurpassed).

If you as well can grasp the concepts of path and club face and how the stance and mechanics will allow you to master your own swing to control and work the ball – then you’ll be an MCS whiz yourself!

So, I have work to do, and I don’t have time to snipe at other swing models and the people who push them.

The Modern Swing will eventually find its rightful place as a debunked and unsound theory, but I can’t do it all by myself.

So I’ll stick to sound and athletic swing principles, the theory of MCS in particular, and we’ll see how things go.

I don’t have to attack anything or anyone to prove the MCS theory.

Watch and see.

2016 is a new year, and Wax Golf is a new blog.


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  1. Chief Cowpie

    While your critiques of The Modern Swing have been enlightening with a bit of comic relief as well, I couldn’t agree with you more of an extra dose of focus on building the new, which is to say MCS and to let the dead bury the dead.

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