BT Video – Preparing For Bear Creek…

20160111_080350I put together a few clips I managed to shoot of Jerry “BT” Crowell as we worked on his swing in preparation for his qualifying round for the PGA Tour Farmer’s Insurance Open.

I caddied for him as he put up a score of 73 on the difficult Bear Creek G.C. setup (good for T4, 3 strokes shy of qualifier Brian Smock’s 70), and sometimes I took some video so I could look at his form.

First, there are some swings from the course at Goose Creek, Jerry’s home base, then shots from the practice round the Sunday before the qualifying event.

I ended with some pictures of Bear Creek G.C. and of Jerry preparing on the morning of the event.

Jerry Prepares For Bear Creek Event


I figure that, considering he came so close in an event held five days after I got to So-Cal and we made some swing changes, another week working together and he might have made it very interesting.

But it’s a great start to his ’16 season!


7 thoughts on “BT Video – Preparing For Bear Creek…

  1. bigtoilet

    This last week after you left (still hear you in my ear) has been spectacular. The things we implemented are in full force. I look so much better now than before. Shots are laser beams. You da man, Deej….

  2. Donalm

    Thank you DJ and JC for the post I must say swing change before the Tee off was risky but your rhythm looks so good I don’t know how you could improve on that I hope you and DJ have a great year ahead and as a bye product the changes rub off on all of us.

    Can I ask you Jerry does your take away start with a hand movement or left knee or both together? I have slowed your swing as slow as I can get it and I’m still unsure regards to both of you.*****


      1. D Watts Post author

        I have something else regarding that exact same thing… it has to do with that wedge shaft drill you came up with for the low heel impact, but for a back swing trigger.

        See you in March šŸ˜‰

  3. Laser

    “swing change before the Tee-off” –Whew! These guys are good.

    I think I figured out why you always had something for golf. It’s because you played hockey. There’s something in the mental conceptualization of a hockey swing…and you probably do it unconsciously. (It starts with not separating the upper & lower body.)

    1. D Watts Post author

      It’s exactly like a hockey pivot, now that I’ve found my starting position, Laser.

      The more I swing now, from the correct adjusted stance, the more I realize why it took ten years – it wasn’t to figure out the swing, it was to figure out why I didn’t have the athletic “feel” for the golf swing as I did with all other things I tried.

      And that’s because I’d never played golf before. Nothing I did before, whether it was soccer, baseball, hockey, basketball, track & field – none of those things required a precise shoulder to hip position in order to excel.

      Funny enough, I always had difficulty with a good slap shot versus my sizzling wrist shot – and now I know, it was likely the same spinal twist causing a power leak with my slap shot motion, whereas a wrist shot can be slung from any position and still have power.

      So, until I figured out why my “good feel” impact position was fundamentally and unfixably flawed (open shoulders at impact and the club going left, due to the spinal twist), I was always going to wonder why such great-feeling swings turned out so badly upon contact.

      In basketball, I knew the ball was in from the moment it left my fingers. In hockey, you know a great wrist shot as it leaves your stick.

      Golf has had me maddeningly flummoxed with the discrepancy between my feel and the “real.”

      But now that I’ve figured out the effects of my personal physical impediment (at least as it relates to swinging a golf club), it’s game, set and match.

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