Ken Joersz, PGA – MCS = “No Pain In The Knee Or Ribs!”

newmcs-logo2I met someone while I was in Southern California last Friday.

Ken Joersz (or “KJ,” as I call him) has been a Head Professional at the Four Seasons’ Hualalai Resort in Hawaii, as well as having held the position of Head Pro at PGA West in La Quinta, CA, and finally Head Pro at Pelican Hill G.C. in Newport Beach, CA.

I met him because he had moved back to California a little while back and is currently between gigs, and he had been looking into the MCS swing theory, having heard all about it from Jerry.

He was amazed at Jerry’s technical improvement in swinging since he’d last seen him, and at BT’s understanding of swing mechanics.

Wouldn’t you be as well?  You’ve known a guy for years, and at 50 years old, he’s getting numbers that would impress 25-35 year old Tour players?

BT at 50 – Faster, Longer & Straighter Than Ever!

bt record


He was in the area and sent me an email because, having picked up the Ben Hogan Project download, he was very focused on the “floating pivot” nature of the mechanically-correct swings of the past, and that is featured in the MCS model.

He played nine holes with us as Jerry and I enjoyed some holes with the Wax Members who’d come to visit for the day, and we had a nice chat about the golf swing.

BT and I bumped into him again on Sunday at Goose Creek – we were about to head to Bear Creek G.C. for a practice round, and he was in the clubhouse watching the football game with his son.

just yesterday, a week later, I got another email from KJ.

I’ll just give you what he had to say about leaving the modern swing methods behind him, forever (his words, but the bold emphasis is mine):

While I’ve never had major injuries (probably because I’ve never played or hit balls that much), I’ve had pain in my left knee the last few years and in my ribs recently.

After I saw you on Sunday, my son and I hit the range. I gave it what amounted to half-way measure of floating the left heel. There was no pain in the knee or ribs. I took it to the course and bogeyed the first two holes.

On the third tee, I decided to commit to really float the left heel. What a difference!

I went on to birdie five of the next ten holes. I haven’t done that in years! I picked up a good ten yards on my irons and twenty on my driver. The game was fun again.

Often, the day after I play, my left knee is a little stiff. This time there was no stiffness or pain. There was no pain in my ribs either.

This is all very promising.

I’ll bet it is – no knee pain for the first time in ages?

That’s what happens when you allow the body to move naturally – you eliminate all of the unnecessary strain on the lower parts and back, especially, when you permit the legs and hips to power the swing, as did the classic era players.

I’d be hopping for joy – and Ken’s in his 50’s, so the last thing he’s going to want as he gets older is unnecessary and chronic issues with his walking parts…

Thanks, KJ, for allowing me to share your story, and I look forward to our next discussion about the golf swing!

6 thoughts on “Ken Joersz, PGA – MCS = “No Pain In The Knee Or Ribs!”

    1. D Watts Post author

      BT’s not too chatty this morning… he’s caddying for Lil Rory at an event in Vegas today and there’s a frost delay… have another coffee, BT!

      PS – love that jacket… what’s it say, that logo? 😉

      1. D Watts Post author

        BT just sent me this swing by Jack Smyth aka “Lil Rory,” as they prepare for the tournament – Jack loves Jordan Spieth but look at that floating heel pivot, and the power he puts on that down swing – the kids are OK with MCS!

  1. Marcus

    Wow! Another confirmation that the MCS/Wax Golf swing is not just a golf swing or a technique but a life changing way of life. Congratulations. 2016 The Year of Wax Nation.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hello Marcus! Did I tell you those wings @ Buffalo Wild Wings were superb?!?! Crispiest buffalo wings I’ve had in ages…

      Planning to be back in So-Cal around the fall, hope to seeya again, my friend.

      Let’s do Wild Wings again!

  2. Chief Cowpie

    My only reluctance to switching to MCS was the nostalgia of cussing out all types of divinities for my woes. I thought I would miss all the pain and travail but I haven’t.

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