DKondo Wins Big Bucks At Year End Event

DKondoIt was a full slate for DKondo last week.

Not only did he attend the Wax Golf meetup in Riverside, CA last week at Goose Creek G.C., he finished the previous season off in style at his golf association’s year-end event on the Monday.

I got to see DK swinging personally for the first time when he made it, and I have to say that this would be no surprise.

From the Southwest Seniors Golf Association’s publication:

Competition was strong with professional, Barry Conser, posting the low round of the day with a solid 3 under par 69.

Low Gross amateur was shared at 73 by Jim Schrempf and Ben Snyder with David Kondich capturing Low Net at 66.



That’s the “Smiling Bandit” on the far left in all black.  And I call him a bandit because he will literally pick your pocket if you bet against him getting that ball in the hole in less strokes than yourself.

He is a putting demon, and I witnessed that prowess first-hand when we played nine holes following the meetup, when I saw him deliberately leave a putt short “outside the pole” just so he could stroke it in dead-center for a “poley.”

As for his swing, he is perfecting his MCS swing model and looks very, very solid swinging the club.

DKondo Swings Driver – Face On & DTL


This is some solid MCS swinging here friends – look at that awesome dtl stance and then his floating pivot:

dk front


And don’t forget his full frontal!

dk dtl


Check out that awesome right leg position at the top with the floating pivot action – well done, DKondo!

I want to congratulate DKondo on his big season ending event victory (low net 66 and big, big bucks! lol), as well as to thank him for arranging the first-ever Wax Golf apparel, which I thought looked fabulous on the entire group:

Wax Group


8 thoughts on “DKondo Wins Big Bucks At Year End Event

    1. D Watts Post author

      humbray, DK will get in touch with you on the details, but I will be travelling to Phoenix before winter’s end to visit with him – the trip is set, details to be worked out.

      And DK informed me today that he’s still raiding JDL’s wallet! 🙂

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thanks again for the contribution to my bag, MW – I will be putting the equipment to good use in the coming weeks in AZ, maybe see you down there? Talk to DK!

  1. David

    Thanks DJ and all my fellow WAXaholics. It has been a long journey …. playing for almost 50 years and had to come back to where we started. Unlearning all the stuff in the magazines and such has been a real struggle.

    When you think “anyone else” must know more than we do, “Swing de jour” happens and I am guilty as charged.

    Thanks DJ for putting me on the right track and my fellow WAXaholics as well. 2016 is going to be even better!!!

    1. D Watts Post author

      Speak of the Sun Devil… yes, DK, 2016 is going to be a hallmark year at Wax, thanks for helping to make that happen. We’ll talk soon!

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