Wax Day 2 – A Hole In 1!

brian smyth ace**Update at Bottom

The journey continues, today I met Jerry’s students Krista and Andy, and the morning was spent watching the big guy work with them on their swings.

I had the opportunity seeing they are in the MCS school of swing under Jerry, to offer my thoughts on possible adjustments/changes, and to explain from my point view the importance of adhering to MCS principles.

I got video which I will of course share upon my return.  It is nearly impossible to blog adequately from a laptop, as I’ve mentioned, and there is so much to do, people to meet, that I have to put it off for a few days more.

The Wax Group Day 1 – First Tee

Wax Group


Pictured Above Left To Right: DKondo, JDL, Beuf77, The Big Toilet, DJ

The venue for the Farmer’s Insurance Open qualifying has moved as well, from Del Mar CC in the San Diego area to Bear Creek GC, due to flooding from the deluge earlier in the week.

We’ll be having a practice round tomorrow with the Q on Monday, and unbelievably, my trip to So-Cal will have come to an end.

I’m seeing that young Jack Smyth and his dad have just arrived and are on the range with Jer.  With that, I’ll sign off, and will be back when I can.


Young Jack was battling a bad head cold, but he sucked it up and made it out to at least play some holes today.

We were only going to play a few, but then Jack’s dad Brian made an ace on the 2nd hole, 196 yards!

It was a good ball all the way, and we didn’t see it go in because of a steep slope in the back of the green.

But the hole hadn’t been moved from yesterday, and I knew where it was, so when the ball landing and disappeared over the crest, I remarked, “That’s going to be close…”

Turns out, it was in!

Brian Smyth Aces The 196 Yard 2nd Hole, Goose Creek G.C.

brian smyth ace


Congrats to Brian on the ace, his first, and the first I’ve ever seen in person playing golf.

Jack will be playing a junior tourney in Las Vegas next weekend, so get better Jack, and Wax Golf will be rooting for Lil Rory!



10 thoughts on “Wax Day 2 – A Hole In 1!

    1. Brian Smyth

      Jerry, I forgot to tell you we got Jack a new Staff bag for Christmas! It’s kinda heavy, plus he likes to drink lots of water. Luckily, the staff bag has plenty of room for water and snacks…

  1. David

    Congratulations Brian!!!!! Stuff that staff bag with bricks too. BT won’t notice. Also, never can have too many balls, 5 or 6 dozen should do it 🙂

  2. David

    Congrats Brian!

    Thanks to DJ and BT for a fabulous day of learning, camaraderie, and golf at Goose Creek on Friday. Good luck tomorrow, BT. Play like you did during my 9-hole playing lesson and you should do very well! DJ has your swing looking fantastic!

    1. D Watts Post author

      JDL, Thank YOU for joining the Wax Group and for your support.

      I am looking forward to seeing the AZ Chapter again soon, and you and I will have some laughs after you’ve picked DK’s pocket!

      PS. Don’t tell him I said that 😉

      1. J.D. Landry

        It was truly a pleasure meeting you and BT. I look forward to building on our first meeting and having the opportunity to spend more time with you in the near future.

  3. David

    Greetings from Oslo, you all!
    I so wish I could have been out West with you guys, instead of being halfway across the world!
    Living vicariously through the blog … enjoy!!!

    1. D Watts Post author

      Would have been great if you could have made it, DC – perhaps next time! Enjoy Oslo 🙂


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