Wax Golf Meet Up Is In The Books

20160108_130315[1]The unfortunate happenstance is that DJ forgot all of his gear at the Big Toilet’s house, so there was no laptop with which to post.

And no charging cable for the camera, whose battery died shortly after the commencement of proceedings.

That was the worst thing to happen – the day was a complete blast, and DKondo & Company, and Beuff77 are headed home at this moment.

Safe drive guys!

As far as blogging, I’ll be able to resume tomorrow with fresh camera battery and a laptop, as BT and I are headed out to watch a hockey game – the AHL’s Ontario Reign for a homer.

Beuff77, DJ & DKondo


So details on the day shall have to wait ’til Saturday.

Have a good night all, and see you tomorrow!



3 thoughts on “Wax Golf Meet Up Is In The Books

  1. bigtoilet

    I’m happy to report that the 1st WAX get together was a success. The one on one that the guys got with DJ was something they (we all) needed. Deej will post vids and pics of they day in a day or so……

    1. D Watts Post author

      Having watched the ’15 Calder Cup champions dismantle Stockton last evening, I am very pleased to report that Jerry is now familiar with the concept of the offside rule, icing and the optimal ice temperature upon which ro play hockey.

      The box was filled with Goose staff & friends…what a night! Thanks to Brian for the invite and to Ross for the nachos spread!

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