A Good Day Working With BT

jerry addrI won’t be able to post freely and fully until I return to Canada, such are my limitations working with a phone and laptop – I’m most comfortable at a PC, so I’ll do my best…

Today was a great day, considering it rained all night and was forecast to do that all day long – right now it’s 3:20 pm and no rain has fallen.

In fact, it’s sunny skies, though windy and cool, and it’s like a great day in April up in Canada.

Jerry and I settled on the changes to make to his set-up and mechanical action yesterday, so all we did today was look some more at his action and play some holes to see what’s going on.

I have this much to announce – as predicted, the Big Toilet is now flushing the ball past me.  On just about every hole, he hit it even with me or past me, and I hit one drive all day that passed his.

So he’s finally coming into his power and range, which is about time for this guy – I have always said he should be longer than me.

Right now, have a look at his set-up and action with a rare angle, up the line.

BT Hits Iron – UTL


We’ve got the Dark Knight in attendance, with whom I spent some time this afternoon, and our Wax Member beuff77 is heading up to join us for dinner and in preparation for tomorrow’s first ever official Wax Golf meet-up.

It’s already a fabulous trip, and only one day in.

More to come!


6 thoughts on “A Good Day Working With BT

  1. Lance

    Vlogs would be so awesome to hear how you and bt course manage and talk about what shots and club selection. Maybe one hole?

  2. David

    Arizona checking in .. car packed, shirts, clubs and 3 excited Zonies will be leaving in 7 hours!!!

    Loved how BT said “get in” …. we will hear that alot very soon.

  3. bigtoilet

    I said “Get it” ???
    Didn’t even notice…lol
    It was 20ft short from 173.
    Get the ZONIES out here. I will be looking for you at Goose Creek about 9:30

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