“What Pro On This Earth?”

bt ironI was chatting with the Big Toilet and he is determined to eclipse yours truly in club speed.

His reasoning is – he’s the pro, I’m the swing guy, he works out and swings ever day, I certainly do NOT (yet), and I would add to that he’s very long-limbed, being 6’4″ to my 6’1″ height.

So, when he talked about getting to 125mph club impact speed with his driver (when we began to work together, he was at 110 cruising and less than 115 max, and he’s now at 116 and 121 max), I told him what he needs to work on, and that number will arrive shortly.

I have always said he should eclipse me, just so you know – I’m not egomaniac, and I figure anyone I give the goods to, should be able to match or surpass me in whatever I do, being a mere swing guy who swings a couple of times per week at most.

BT Working On The MCS “Perfect Pivot”

bt iron


So, it occurred to me that Jerry has already accomplished something virtually unheard of in world of professional golf.

That being, increasing club impact speed by 6 mph long after he’d turned pro was past his athletic peak (he turned 50 last summer).

BT said to me, “What playing golf pro from 49 to 50 picks up 6 mph of CHS?”

To which I replied, “What pro on earth at any age picks up 6 mph speed after turning pro?”

To which, after some thought, he answered, “NOBODY.”

And I said, “There ya go…”

And that in a nutshell is the value and the “magic” of MCS – it’s simply that, when you swing in a mechanically-correct fashion, and especially in the optimal model such as MCS – you will do things, even as a seasoned pro, that you have never seen before.

bt record


So, stay tuned to the saga of Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell who, at 50, is hitting the ball longer and straighter than he was doing 5, 10, 20 years ago, and with far less effort.

A guy who, at 50, feels his competitive life has just begun, and who is champing at the bit to get into the next tournament, then the next…

Most guys at 50… are looking for the Advil in the morning before heading to the range.

Not Jerry – he’s drinking from the Fountain of Youth – swinging the way the body is designed to…




8 thoughts on ““What Pro On This Earth?”

  1. bigtoilet

    I got an ego (everyone does), I’m 6’5! LOL!
    Can DJ get me to 125-130 and under control? I don’t doubt Davis J Watts, and neither should anyone else!
    GAME ON!

  2. Chief Cowpie

    “What pro on earth?…” So either BT is an ET or you will never completely know MCS as DJ forever finds avenue to further exploit the basis of its leverage potentials? Could both be true?

  3. Donalm

    Davis J Watts don’t you forget to come back I Got A Feeling its gonna be a good year

  4. buddhabob

    please continue BT in your endeavors. 130 mph is just around the corner for you.

    looking at pics of woods and wie out on the course today, wie is such a beauty, I hope she is happy and somehow begins to play better and revive her career but will need an update from DJ on that swing of hers. I do enjoy the skirt selection regardless and have tirelessly offered my advice and services but, alas, to no avail.

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