How Good Is This Pivot? (Lil Rory Video)

jack topRemember that posting from a while back, titled “Ben Hogan’s Secret In One Picture”?

I had shown a dtl view of Ben Hogan at the top of his back swing, both the “before” and “after” wreck swings.

You know, this one:



Here’s what it looks like (that same pivot action) in today’s era, with an MCS swinger, young Jack or “Lil Rory” if you will.

Jack aka “Lil Rory Swings – DTL


I’m a little envious of young Jack – he’s going to have an MCS swing locked in by the time he’s beginning high school, and that means a lifetime of low-risk, high-performance swinging.

You will always risk injury doing anything, of course – but the more mechanically-sound your golf swing, the less risk you incur – I have scoliosis and I swing as hard as I possibly can when I want to, without ever worrying about a back injury.

Here’s that great pivot move at the top:

jack top


Great work being done out in So-Cal by Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell and his young MCS pupil.

If you want to see a kid having a blast hitting balls and swinging for the fences – then you’re looking at it…

And if you want to see what the proper swing angle does for a release action, then look no further than the clip above.


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  1. Chief Cowpie

    Hopefully some parents will see this as golf is being bunched up with with football as a dangerous sport resulting in serious debilitating injuries. This young fellow is symmetry and grace swinging the club.

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