MCS & The Real Moe Norman Swing (You Can Do It)

dj extended impactLet’s put aside the silly, spread-eagled Moe Norman swing model that everyone is used to seeing.

Instead, let’s take a look at Moe when he was creating the “Pipeline Moe” legend, which would have been when he was winning 2 Canadian Amateur titles in a row and playing at the Masters (back then, U.S. and Canadian Am champs were invited), and making his short-lived appearance on the PGA Tour.

Let’s look at the action which I’ve recreated today at the Dome, and which would be a longer-hitting action than the Moe swing you would be familiar with.

Moe was so dead straight because of his extended-arm impact and pendulum-release action through the swing bottom.

He would have been just as straight, and actually longer, back when he swung with a narrower stance, a longer back swing, a floating heel pivot thus more leverage and power.

Moe With a Floating Heel Pivot & Longer Back Swing


When he began to obsess about NEVER hitting a ball off line, was when he transitioned over years to the half-back swing, wide stance motion that you know well.

He NEVER played on the PGA Tour, at the Masters or won any Canadian Ams with the below swing… but he was just as intriguing with that dead-straight action.



He might have gotten a little more accurate and consistent, but the trade-off was a distinct lack of power.

I would rather swing the way he swung when he made his name as a can’t-miss ball-striker.

Because coming into impact with an extended arm position and low-to-flat right heel – isn’t something exclusive to the Silly-Moe address swing.

DJ “Swings Like Moe Norman” – 5 Iron DTL


You can get it with the MCS model as well by changing your mechanical action slightly:

moe norman action


This was the first time I’ve attempted this, by the way – but after a few swings, the change in mechanical action kicked in and it was a piece of cake.

dj extended impact


It’s all in the proper swing angle and the adjusted mechanical action on the down swing, but the address stance and back swing are exactly the same as my other MCS swing action.

If you want to play knock-the-flag-stick-down golf – you want that low heel through impact.

Not because the low heel does anything to the ball, but the manner of release to the bottom with extended arms and the low heel mean less rotary action through the impact, and thus less chance of hitting the ball off-line.

Hey, Moe impressed the hell out of Ben Hogan in the 50’s, and it wasn’t with his Silly-Moe swing – it was with the floating heel Moe Norman swing shown at the top of the post…


Wanna learn the MCS methodology and swing like the greats did in the classic era?

You can start with the “Secrets of the MCS” video shorts series or jump right in to the whole thing with the “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” video.

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12 thoughts on “MCS & The Real Moe Norman Swing (You Can Do It)

  1. bigtoilet

    More “Moe” people need to see this post. So many do not know the Moe swing at the heights of his greatness. See the video above……so many have not.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Good point – and this just illustrates that you don’t have to look like a lunatic to hit the ball straight – you just have to make the right mechanical action from the correct position (stance).

      Once you get that right, you’re off to the races.

  2. targettom

    Seems you are not straightening the right leg on the backswing, is this something new? Or is the straight right leg only for the woods? Or am I missing something….

    1. D Watts Post author

      The legs are more flexed with the shorter clubs at address, targettom, so you won’t see the same straightening action as the driver, where the leg is straighter to begin with due to the longer shaft.

  3. targettom

    Thanks. I may be wrong but it seemed to me that Snead had a completely straight pivot leg on the BSW, and many of his contemporaries as well – is this desirable or is the slightly flexed right knee (as in your driver pic above) better?

    1. D Watts Post author

      Well, are you trying to swing like Snead or along the MCS model? Because theyre not exactly the same…

      If you want to swing more like Snead than MCS you’ll also have to swing at the target and bias your address a little more to center.

      Every swing is different, so you want to know what you want out of yours. To swing like Snead or according to a standard model.

  4. Chief Cowpie

    While I agree with you, one thing you are over looking went far in creating the Moe mystique was his drinking twenty cokes a day and hence teeth that were black nubs.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I was quite the Coke fiend myself. Couldn’t stand Pepsi, it was Coke or no cola, unless they had Dr. Pepper.

      Still love it, gotta have Coke with my once-in-a-while burger and fries combo, but I don’t drink much sugary stuff anymore. Very rarely. But I’m sure I’ll be having a Coke or two down in So-Cal.

      Look out, In & Out!

      Green tea is my staple now – I doubt Moe would have approved 😉

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