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Jerry BT Crowell PGAWax Golf
is taking a new direction in golf blogging.

From 2007-2015, my blogging centered around the swing research and my personal journey in figuring a Mechanically-Correct golf Swing model (M.C.S.).

Now, having completed my research and having built that Mechanically-Correct Swing model in its optimal form, I am turning my focus to spreading this knowledge to the larger public.

Introducing the “Pro Golf” part of Wax Golf and the MCS Swing Theory Jerry “BT” Crowell, PGA of America instructor (Class A) and tournament player, shares his thoughts for the first time in a Wax Golf blog posting.

And keep in mind that when Jerry’s byline appears on a posting, these are his words, beginning to end, and not mine.


Wax Golf, MCS & The Future:

The question is, where does MCS succeed where others have failed?


HoganBen Hogan said “The Secret Is In The Dirt”… obviously hinting that dedication and hard work and perseverance are contributing factors in a golfer’s success.

Whilst today’s breed of golfer’s very much follow this thought and work hard in many different areas of fitness, nutrition, stretching and mental work as well as practicing the golf swing– they have become FAR too reliant on outside aid.

It has become increasingly apparent that there are very few golfers on the professional tours of the world who know their swing, own their swing and can work out any kinks in their swing.

Every player has a “guru” who slaps them on the back, helps clear their mind, gives them one thought to focus on and it seems the world is at harmony again… until the next day!!

If the pros don’t know how to control their own swing any more even with all this so called advanced technology equipment and computer screens and hi speed definition videos and “guru teachers” …. what hope does the average golfer have?

Even the golfers whose names we always hear mentioned out loud by golf commentators as having a “picture perfect swing”… or having a “pretty swing”…. obviously are at a loss about how their swing functions … because if they did we would be seeing them pipe drive after drive down the fairway and not be hitting the very average 12 greens in regulation per round or less.

Fairway driving percentages on today’s golfing tours is an absolute disgrace. These are meant to be the best players in the world and they can not even hit half the fairways in regulation!!!

It is the misleading information these players are receiving on so many different fronts that offer them little solution but to accept their mediocrity in the tee shot department no matter how hard they practice at it to get better and improve their chances.

My belief is that if someone received MCS instruction from DJ or myself and worked just as hard on what we showed as them as we do, then we would basically phase ourselves out of any need they would have of us.

That probably sounds crazy..to phase ourselves out…..but great golfers shouldn’t need to continually search and search and hope and hope that they will one day get it and be able to strike the ball day in and day out on a string (or just hit fairways).

nicklaus-ironJack Nicklaus only visited his coach Jack Grout at the beginning of each season for a tune up.

You shouldn’t have your name on your golf bag if you don’t know what makes your swing tick. If you have to put in an SOS call to your swing guru every time something little goes amiss, then you shouldn’t be making a living from golf.

Our goal is to show golfers everything they need to know about the swing… I believe we can honestly answer any question they would put forward and base the answer on knowledge and not on guesswork.

There will be no guinea pigs in an MCS golfing stable (no Leadbetter “A” swings). There will be no “band aid” swings.

What we will show people is true, proven, absolute truths of the swing and its pressures and its intentions based on the classic swing era (prior to 1985).

The pros nowadays seem to practice so much to somehow find something (some kinda of band aid) that will get them through a week of tournament play.

I’m sure you’ve noticed the physical fitness of players on TOUR today. It’s two fold as I see it. #1 they need to look good in clothes to market themselves as athletes.

Don’t get me wrong, I think TOUR players ARE athletes! It’s a weekly grind like you can’t believe. #2 I think modern swing players need to “bulk up” to maintain some kind of physicality because their rubber band swings are tearing up their bodies!

rory mcilroy kneeHow can RIckie Fowler, Louis Oosthuizen, and Rory already be getting MRI’s on their backs in their early 20’s? Don’t get me started on Tiger.

I honestly believe today’s golfer’s have less knowledge of the “true” golf swing than at any other time in history.

We now have instructors who have no basis for teaching other than getting a degree online or from a classroom (The whole Biomechanical rage that’s going on, Tigers new guy), reading books for ideas and owning a computer and a hi speed camera to download swings and draw lines all over the screen in an attempt to try show the student they know something about the golf swing.

These guys can’t swing or play!

Until my next article – MCS – learn it LIVE it, OWN it.


Jerry BT Crowell PGA

Jerry “BT” Crowell, PGA


12 thoughts on “A Pro Golfer On MCS – Jerry Crowell, PGA

  1. Marcus

    Wow!!!These are great thoughts and words to keep in our golf bag.” Learn it, Live it, Own it.”

    DJ & BT to me you have delivered MCS in a way athletes can play this game.

    The swing gurus have taught us lovers of the game of golf non athletic movements and we wonder why after a bucket of balls why is my back hurting or why are my hands hurting.

    The MCS drills and theories are using natural movements to hit the golf ball. Thanks guys!!!


    1. D Watts Post author

      Welcome, Marcus! Some very insightful comments, to be sure. I’ve known Jerry for years and that first posting surprised me.

      Can’t wait to see more!

  2. Donalm

    Hi All
    I have listened and watched all the videos and blogs from DJ for the last year and implemented them into my game it was a steep learning curve but now I am so confident and play happy golf I have come up with a little verse that I use before and during a round I call it DJ in my pocket you may wish to avail of it so here goes:

    No swing thoughts
    No rituals, no pre shot, or thoughts to sway, just warm up your body, be focused, and play. Reach up and catch the rhythm of the day, take it to your game and swing away.
    When you truly understand this in every stroke you will be a winner.

    The last line is a reference to all I have learned from DJ and the body of the txt is all his teaching condensed in my routine.

    Love Golf Love MCS


    1. D Watts Post author

      Well, Donal

      I must admit that I can npt recall anyone ever being inspired by MCS to composing verse! That is awesome, thanks for sharing it.

      Humbly yours,


  3. bigtoilet

    DJ: “I’ve known Jerry for years and this 1st article surprised me.”

    DJ!!!! I learned from YOU! Can’t be THAT surprising!! LOL!

    I’ve always been a decent writer (I’ve heard it before). I did a lot of it years ago for men’s club newsletters and the like.

    So to be able to write again (with DJ’s influence heavy on my head), it feels good.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Well, Jerry, you’re going to get to scratch that writing itch, going forward. Come to think of it, the next ten years will likely be markedly different from the first ten – the game has changed!

  4. Laser

    Writing is the hard part.

    I can’t even begin to explain how I reach an arm straight up…and then stretch it up even farther.

  5. chiefcowpie

    While for the most part, I thought Tiger performed admitably as an announcer this past weekend, all in all I am not so keen on it as I prefer a commentator to have fundamental understanding on how to properly swing a golf club.

    You wouldn’t expect Bill Walton to be commenting at a football game or Chris Collingsworth to be commenting a baseball game so why is Tiger commenting where folks are swinging a golf club?

    1. D Watts Post author


      Speaking of which, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that Luke Walton is now an NBA coach… hadn’t watched much b-ball until I started again this season.

      I remember his father playing with Bird… how old do I feel?

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