New For 2016 – Instagram & Jerry Crowell

dj & btI have been doing some things in preparation for the New Year.

One of them, in anticipation of my January trip to visit Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell  and some of the West Wax contingent in Southern Cali, is to establish an Instagram account.

If you are into Wax Golf, the MCS swing theory and/or professional golf play – the account was just established, but you want to follow this account, as the fur will really fly once we’ve rung in 2016.

As for Jerry “BT” Crowell, he’s coming on board the Wax Golf team not just as a proponent of the MCS theory, but as a playing and teaching professional who will be spreading the platform far and wide.

The DJ & BT Show

dj & bt


I’ll be revamping the site to include everything you need to know about Big Jer, with his own page, and he has some things to say, so he’ll have his own page here to publish his thoughts as he sees fit.

Jerry Crowell, SCPGA of America Inland Empire Teacher of the Year 2015

jcrowell toty


You may have noticed the new header on the blog – things are just beginning, my friends.  The previous ten years were the preamble – now it gets serious.


The MCS Golf Swing Theory is completed and is already being used in professional golf, both in teaching and playing.

So, it’s time to go for the gusto.

More to come.




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