It’s Official – MCS Is Now Part of Professional Golf Instruction

DJ & BTI wouldn’t have known ten years ago, when I set out on my swing theory mission to “figure it out for myself,” that this would come to pass.

Of course, this isn’t something I’ve accomplished myself, and I give full credit to Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell, who has been behind MCS virtually since the day he first emailed me about it years ago.

There were some rough patches along the way, as my theory was still developing right up until this year, but BT knew even before the final model was completed that things were going in the direction he wanted to follow, with MCS swing theory.

So, it was gratifying to follow the link he sent me, to see that the acronym “MCS” is now being mentioned (if even obliquely) in a professional instruction site, namely “GolfMDs:

PGA Class A member, Jerry Crowell is a 4-time Inland Empire PGA Player of the Year and 2009 Southern California PGA Section Match Play Champion.

As a long time competitive tournament player and instructor, Jerry brings a wealth of knowledge that covers all aspects of the game to help you be the best you can be.

Jerry subscribes to the “MCS” (Mechanically Correct Swing) theory which is based on how the human body best moves to swing a golf club. Jerry’s extensive use of the Trackman (and currently) Flightscope Doppler radar system will give you new insights and feels on how to most efficiently hit a golf shot.

You can find Jerry at along with more on the Mechanically Correct Golf Swing.

So, congrats to Jerry on his new feature at GolfMDs, and I will always tell any and all who ask me that I could  not have done this without his help and support – the current MCS swing model is the one I built for him personally last year, and which I’ve been refining so that it will work with left-dominant, right-dominant and hybrid swingers.

BT Swings MCS

bt 340


He isn’t just teaching MCS to his students (and he’s got a real project underway with a junior golfer right now!), Jerry was the first teaching professional to approach me about the MCS, he was the first teaching or playing pro to ask me for help in improving his swing (already a multiple time Player of the Year in his section, but he wanted to “own” his swing), and there’s also this:

If you had told me ten years ago that I would end up carrying a pro golfer’s bag for him at a PGA Tour qualifying event – I would likely have laughed and said, “Yeah, sure… and next stop the Masters, right?”

But there it is.

And not just any PGA Tour qualifier – this one would be to make it into the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines (formerly the Buick Invitational) in La Jolla (near San Diego), the childhood stomping ground of one Tiger Woods, who has won 7 of those titles, plus his last major victory, the ’08 U.S. Open.


So, I’m looking forward to my trip to Southern California next month to meet back up with my good friend and essential component of this blog and my golf existence.



He keeps telling me that MCS is going to change professional golf instruction and swinging, and now I’m beginning to believe him.

It’s been an interesting last two or three years, Jer – but I have a feeling that the real fun is just beginning!

So you in So-Cal.




20 thoughts on “It’s Official – MCS Is Now Part of Professional Golf Instruction

  1. Marcus

    Congratulations!!!! This was a testament to you DJ and to BT. Not only golf swing gurus but two great men. Keep up the good work.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thanks Marcus! I think you’re a “first” marker as well – first Wax reader I’ve ever met who actually fashioned his own swing stick as per my advice 😀

      Looking forward to seeing you again, playa!

  2. bigtoilet

    It’s important to recognize where you are sometimes (stop and smell the flowers) and how you’ve gotten there. Just don’t linger too long or people will pass you!! Moving on!!!! LOL

    1. D Watts Post author

      I’m not ready to smell any flowers right now, BT – it’s full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes

  3. Donalm

    Congratulations and well deserved in a strange way we can all share your success I mean its not everyone who can say I was thought by Mr. Watts, who? The inventor of the MCS swing and the reason I love golf.

    PS I’m off to Spain for Christmas we are playing in the sun in a little resort called EL Rompido (I hope) near on every day and you can bet I’ll be spreading the MCS gospel I hope you have a great meet in Scal and a very happy Christmas to you and yours

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thanks, DM!

      I hope you’ll remember me when you’re having some tapas, Donal. Some of that black-hoofed Iberico ham, I would heartily recommend – I got some from my inlaws when they travelled to Spain a few years back…

      Happy Christmas to you and yours in return!

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thank you Joe – been a hard slog swimming against the current, but I can’t think of any place worth reaching that wasn’t a journey getting there 😉

    1. D Watts Post author

      Honorable mention must be made to the Grand Marshall of the West Coast Wax Golf Member’s contingent – thanks for all you’ve done DK, can’t wait to meet up and share a cold one with you!

  4. Lance

    When i first took up the game a few years ago, leaning left was all the rage. I bought the book! Ashamed to say my first golf instruction manual was stack and tilt and not Ben Hogan or Jack Nicklaus. Anyways after not being able to hit a driver or any wood I started looking for a better way. I came across MCS while researching long bombers, and what they did. At the time Austin captured my interest and somehow stumbled upon Waxgolf. There was no looking back after I was pounding it 215 yards with a 5 wood. Do the work with setup and technique, and you will reap real rewards! MCS is the real deal! Catch it!

  5. chiefcowpie

    What’s changed for me with MCS is that now when I go to the driving range, my drives are going to the wall and then I can’t get this song out of my head.

  6. bigtoilet

    Keep building the brand….not just because it’s a “marketing thing,” but because everyone knows this game is difficult to learn and how we need new golfers coming to the game. MCS offers new players the way to get it, understand it, own it.

  7. Lance

    Wanted to add also that the game is a helluva lot more fun NOW because MCS allows me to keep the ball in the fairway. So I’ve added ACCURACY along with distance. Never will be a long bomber because when I play I like to keep a nice easy tempo with all my clubs. But let me add that when I want to hunt I can transition quickly to my left foot and my Bridgestone driver can get out there long and STRAIGHT, often further than most random pairings of all ages. No foolies!

  8. jdlandry1

    Congratulations, DJ & BT! Excellent work, gentleman! Looking forward to the journey with you two and the Wax Nation!

  9. D Watts Post author

    Lots of comments since I popped in last, let me acknowledge them all and thank everyone for the support on this, a journey not yet completed!

  10. bigtoilet

    The following is from a golf biomechanists site:

    Remember to click on HD on bottom right for sharper resolution.

    Here’s a short video describing another of Sasho MacKenzie’s animations – it concentrates on centripetal force and its ultimate usefulness with regard to the swing and the changing radius of the swing in a 3D perspective…

    Hope you enjoy.
    Two notes:
    1. I mention toward the end “center of rotation.” I should have said “center of curvature.”
    2. The centripetal force is not a component of the “golfer applied” Fnet. CF is calculated after the fact.
    I’ll take MCS, thank you very much…

    1. D Watts Post author

      I don’t see that demonstration working very well with a 12 year old golf student, BT… or a 42 year old one, unless it’s a rocket scientist…

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