The 3 “Stability Factors” In MCS…

addr-imp3I said yesterday that MCS is the manner of swinging a golf club the way your body is designed to move and not according to bizarre positional theories advanced by the past couple decades’ worth of “modern golf swing” instructors and gurus.

And here is the way to describe how any MCS or mechanically-correct swing should work, whether it’s a swing based on my model or not.

There are three things to look for in a golf swing viewed face-on, and nothing outside of those three things really matter, because if the three “stability factors” are present in a swing, you can’t really swing that badly at all, and you’ll likely be swinging very well.

If someone is harping on some other feature of the swing to tell you that you’ve got a swing flaw – I can’t see many swing flaws that don’t involved these three areas, so if you’re solid with these, and you’re hitting the ball well – you’ll know to ignore the naysayers.

And those three things are:

  1. Head stability during the swing,
  2. Spine tilt remaining rightward and,
  3. Leading foot stability

If you are swinging a golf club and you can secure these three things, it would be a difficult task to swing badly if you are swinging with mobility in the hips.

If you look at a stock driver swing of mine, you’ll see the stability of head and leading foot positions between address and impact, and the rightward spine tilt actually increases at impact:



So I hope everyone who has downloaded either the “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” is making sure to follow these principles in grooving  their swing.



And of course, the “Secrets of MCS” video shorts lay out the crucial little parts of building one’s own MCS-type golf swing:

“5 Minutes of MCS” – how to build your stance, and the basic pivot action

“Secret of Separation” – why you come over the top whatever you try to do, and why good players will pull the ball even when they don’t come over the top – if you’re a slicer or puller and have had no success getting a fix – this is the video short for you, as proclaimed by those who’ve downloaded it

“Swing Angle” – you’re likely not swinging on the correct angle to maximize your power, speed and consistency in the golf swing.  So what’s the correct swing angle?





6 thoughts on “The 3 “Stability Factors” In MCS…

  1. David

    As Horshak on welcome back Kotter would say .
    Ou, ou, ou …… #3 leading foot stability. JD and I are playing and it sent the lights flashing. A big known that I missed. Big American Thanksgiving Giving DJ!!!


  2. jdlandry1

    The fact that DJ’s left foot returns to exactly the same spot is very illuminating. The ball of his left foot doesn’t move from address through impact.

  3. bigtoilet

    How does one achieve lead foot stability? How can YOU achieve head stability? How do you create a better secondary axis tilt? These and other pertinent questions will soon be exquisitely explained before some of WAX NATION’s very eyes….

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