Winther Wins Int’l Long Drive Title (440 Yards!)

r winther’12 Remax WLDC champion Ryan Winther took 1st place in the 2015 International Long Drive Championships this past week, held in Manzanillo, Mexico.

I’m a little late in posting the news because I just didn’t feel like posting anything yesterday for obvious reasons.

Another former Remax World Chamionpion and the perennial “bride’s maid” of long drive, Mike Dobbyn, notched another runner-up placing, which is the latest in a string of coming up just short in big bouts – but Winther’s blast was 440 yards, so you’re gonna need your all-time stuff to beat that:

I made it to the finals of the ILDC Open Division Championship without any losses. I faced a fellow World Champion, Ryan Winther, who battled through borderline heat stroke and a shark tank of a losers bracket.

Ryan had to beat me twice to win. The first set, I lost 415-400. In the second set, Ryan hit the longest ball of the tournament at 440 yards. I tried to catch him, but could only muster a 420 yard drive.

And of course RW’s going to be driving it that kind of yardage when he’s set up like this:

r winther

Obviously, that stance is money.  Look at the right-biased attitude, foot position and head placement – the only change I would suggest to this stance is Wear.A.Hat.

When in Mexico…


Congrats to Manbear, who I’m sure has gotten over his disappointing loss to Jamie Sadlowski in their WLDC Round of 16 match earlier this fall – had he brought that “A-Game” to Oklahoma, no one would have beaten him.

RW’s currently headed home and nursing a case of sun-stroke, but I’ll see if he has any thoughts to add when he’s got some rest and hydration.

Congrats to the Manbear of long driving, looks like his winning swing has returned – and about time!


4 thoughts on “Winther Wins Int’l Long Drive Title (440 Yards!)

    1. D Watts Post author

      Indeed, Chief – even if going more MCS doesn’t give one any more speed than they already have, it’ll be mechanically-correct and more consistent, and reduce the risk of injury.

      Win-win, I would say. When RW is set up, he’s a beast.

      A real “Manbear” 😉

  1. buddhabob

    this guy looks like he stepped out of the woods of North Canada and was just handed a club, any club… I think consistency is his problem and if could get that down he would be living over 400 and breeding over 450 to 500 on hot nights when the fur is up.

    Many of these bears cant keep it in play but once out of 7, they need a dj on the sideline spinning their favorite tunes I think. very sorry to learn again about yet 2 new operations for t. woods but with that violent swing in a barrel its no wonder and its very sad that he attributes the breakdown physically to age and not to swing.

    In their million dollar mansions and castles at home dont these cats ever pull up old clips of the greats of yore. I mean 5 seconds of watching slammin sam is worth more than all the modern teachers condensed into a micro chip and loaded into your flash drive.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Agreed on all points, buddhabob.

      Now, RW is plenty strong, he doesn’t need more power, just more consistency. He did report back afterwards that he never hit it as well, so perhaps the little adjustments he made were all he needed.

      As for the others, they’d better step it up if he’s finding the grid more now, and don’t talk to me about the pros in their mansions who don’t even know which end of the club to hold without a guru draped over them – I have never seen anything more depressing than the sight of the “best” players in the world not knowing how to swing properly…

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