What I’m Doing With “Secrets of the MCS” Series

5 minutes of mcsYou might wonder what the purpose is of creating short videos that contain the same material in the “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” video, or why I would even bother.

The response to the initial two videos, “5 Minutes of MCS” and “Separation,” tell me that I have inadvertently stumbled upon a new method of helping people learn and ingrain a mechanically-correct golf swing.

Even as I built the swing models that I’ve built over the years, I still struggled with certain part of the MCS swing myself.

Hey, you can design a house, doesn’t mean you have the skill to build it with your own hands.

So, while I have always had a powerful golf swing, an athletic one, I didn’t have a mechanically-optimal swing.

That means, I was never going to hurt myself swinging a club because I didn’t do the horrific things you see in modern golf (standing with no flare to the feet, or rubber-banding the torso on the back swing, etc.), but my swing wasn’t the best it could be.

For me, the devil to beat was that of the down swing plane – I was always over the top, and even when I flattened my swing plane, I did it with manipulation rather than simple proper mechanical action.

But having solved my personal swing problems, you’ll have noticed that I’m swinging with greater speed and technique than I would have at half my current age of 45 years.

45 Yr Old DJ Swings @ 194 MPH With A 45″ Driver


And do you know how I solved my own swing problems?

dj's plane2


By breaking them down into manageable portions upon which to work.

So, the stance is a very important feature of every swing, and I struggled with the exact stance, until I focused on it almost exclusively, until I got it.

And now, the stance is so basic that I can explain it in 5 minutes, hence the title of the first video from the “Secrets of the MCS” series.

As mentioned, the down swing plane and how to “separate” properly were a big problem for me.

I finally beat that problem after years upon years of frustration by focusing on the exact mechanical action involved, and where I was doing it properly in practice swings but not in actual swings.

From that, I made the “Separation” video, and if you suffer from a steep down swing, the big “slice” or simply a very over-the-top swing plane – the “Separation” video will change your life.

I have at least two more video shorts that I think are in the same vein as the first two.

The pivot has been a problem ever since the modern swing school messed it up with the planted heel and restricted hip nonsense, so a simple “Changing Sides In the Pivot” video will certainly do for people what the first two videos are doing.

real player mcs


Lastly, having played baseball, I know what the two single biggest problems are for most people swinging.

First, the “Separation” issue which is either performed incorrectly or not at all, and secondly, the “Swing Angle” to use when swinging a golf club.

So a “Changing Sides” and “Swing Angle” video are going to be helpful.

There is never the opportunity to spend a lot of time on any single principle or concept in a swing video, as it will become longer and longer the more you try.

Before you know it, a video on the golf swing becomes an encyclopedia and is impossible to absorb from beginning to end.

iron byron screen cap


But if you have the whole swing explained in a 75 minute video, what about the parts where people just haven’t had it explained in enough depth to grasp the concept?

Well, that’s what the individual videos from the “Secrets of the MCS” series as about…

As I said, you won’t learn how to swing a golf club in the MCS theory fashion with one video alone – but if you are trying to swing more MCS and there is one part of the swing that is a hurdle to overcome, then one of these videos may be the key  for you.

So, the work continues, and thanks to everyone for the feedback on the first videos and the glowing reviews – I’m doing my best, I always do, and I appreciate it when that work is acknowledged, trust me.

More to come!



4 thoughts on “What I’m Doing With “Secrets of the MCS” Series

  1. Donalm

    100% behind what you are doing and I understand why it in each of the five minute vids

    I picked out something that has made my golf enjoyable again so simple but I had not grasped it in the full video even though I watched it many times

    so keep them coming I was way off line until I watched and understood separation
    Thanks DJ

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thanks as ever for the support, Donal – got a few more things to isolate, and I think the “Secrets” Series is definitely on the right track 🙂

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