Goin’ Back To Cali, Cali, Cali…

goose creekNow I really feel old – I remember when that song came out in the late 80’s… but I am nevertheless headed back to South California in January.

BT and I always agreed that while we got some great work done together on the first trip down, we could have used a little more time together to really get him firing on all cylinders.

I think he actually got there at the end of this season, when he started to put up scores that more closely matched his ball-striking capabilities.

This time around, we are swinging the same way (following my summer of theory completion) and likely have a few things to show him that I didn’t the last time around.



It was a great time, but this trip is for a little more serious business – we’ll be doing some intensive work and then the day before I fly home, I’ll be carrying his bag in a qualifier for the big show -a PGA Tour event.

Jerry may have turned 50 this year, but he’s hitting the ball longer and straighter than he ever did in his 30’s (that’s what MCS will do for you – age is just a number when you have a mechanically-efficient swing):

bt drv 3a


And if he can scramble and putt the way he swings, it will be a good thing, whether he qualifies or doesn’t.

A good sign was his just missing out on the pre-qual for the Champions Tour’s Toshiba Classic – he had it, he knew, but slipped just enough on his back nine to get edged out.

And it’s not like it came out of nowhere, remember… the guy has game.

So, January will bring another trip to So-Cal, and I’m looking forward to it.

It’s not every day you get to caddy for someone in a PGA Tour qualifying event!

We’ve come a long way, Jerry… seeya in L.A.

goose creek



15 thoughts on “Goin’ Back To Cali, Cali, Cali…

    1. D Watts Post author

      DK, I still would love to get to AZ… or make it a Wax Golf get-together in Riverside for the gang, if you can make it to Cali.

      Now that would be interesting…

  1. Laser

    “I’ll be carrying his bag in a qualifier for the big show -a PGA Tour event.”

    –If you’re not used to walking, your physical training begins now. Let’s call it 4 rounds…lots of miles in few days.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Amd don’t worry -if you toss a club…I’ll go get it and you won’t hear the word “slave…” 😉

  2. Donalm

    Does the Caddy need a Caddy ?
    “age is just a number when you have a mechanically-efficient swing” Love that line I’m going to have that on my bag just to annoy the doubters who said I was mad and wasting my time.
    Well I’m 71 and yesterday was I flushing it now that i understand the separation sequence no more low left pulls. For the first time this year my driver woke up and said i like it on the sweet spot.

    Enjoy Cali

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