Here Is The “Secret of Separation” In Action

trey bI want to thank everyone who has downloaded the first of the “Secrets of the MCS” video series, namely the “5 Minutes of MCS,” which lays out the positional and basic motion theory for the MCS swing model.

I have another video on which I’m working which I believe will be a gold mine for any swinger, whether you are going MCS or doing it on your own.

And that is the secret to the “separation” of the upper & lower body which the modern swing has completely destroyed with the “rubber-band back swing” nonsense.

Just to show you what the difference is, you’ll remember “Trey,” a Wax Member who this autumn asked to join the Wax “Program,” and I want you to see what a difference true and proper separation will do for your swing.

The first swing is from July, so a bit over 3 months ago, believe it or not:

Trey Before

trey before


And below is a clip of a practice swing action I’ve had him working on the past week, with the proper separation action:

Trey Today

trey after


That is the dramatic difference you can see when you sequence the down swing properly and don’t mess up the kinetic chain with the “rubber-band” restricted hip turn of the modern swing.

Well done, Trey!

Another step closer to the swing you knew you had inside you somewhere…

So, I’ll be working on the “Separation” video which should be available very soon.

And if you suffer from Over-The-Top-itis, early turning, pulling, or any other swing flaws that come from not being able to stop that upper body and the shoulders from going at the target…

If you have ever wondered how the pro drop “into the slot” on the down swing, you won’t have to wonder any more, because the true “separation” move creates that slot automatically.

As you can see, I went from an OTT swinger even in my last years of research, until I personally solved the “separation” problem, and now I don’t ever worry about a steep down swing plane, or not being in the “slot” on the down swing, because it just happens naturally:

dj down swing