The “Ben Hogan Project,” An Email Review

hogan bookIt’s been over a y ear since I produced the “Ben Hogan Project,” which makes it ancient in MCS terms.

I would usually produce a video on the MCS swing model and within weeks, certainly months, I would have done enough work and additional research to require an update.

Not so with the “Ben Hogan Project.” I have gone back to re-watch it every once in a while and it is standing up very well to the passage of time.

I nailed the Hogan pivot, which is why I was able to complete my swing theory research this year – I was stuck with the shifting pivot, not being able to definitively say, “This is it.”

When I re-studied Hogan’s pivot, I discovered that it was the same type of pivot I’d been making for years before switching to a shifting pivot.

ben hogan swing


The “floating pivot” was the key to Hogan’s incredible ball-striking prowess, and he used it both before and after his near-fatal wreck.  His swing did change, sure, afterwards, but he never lost that floating pivot move.

I put it back up for download after having removed it, due to requests for it, and I got the most enjoyable email on it yesterday, the relevant parts of which I’ll repeat below:

I’m a Hogan devotee and a monthly subscriber to Wayne DeFrancesco’s website for that reason…

What I like best is your devotion to the foot position… Wayne does not emphasize this.  That seems to me a much more natural way to get the spine tilted away from the target (because whenever I tried to just tilt the spine back, I would hit it fat)…

Your Hogan video along with your advice on foot position and posture in the stance helped me do that on several shots today while I filmed my swing at GolfTec (GolfSmith)…

So between the two downloads I got my $100 worth already – thanks for that.

So, when you have a Ben Hogan devotee who already follows the websites of people who supposedly specialize in Hogan’s swing saying that your video helped them get even more “Hoganized” than they were before viewing it…

That is a big compliment, and to think the “Ben Hogan Project” was truly where things began to fall into place with the final MCS model.

Before that, I had a shifting pivot that interfered with consistency and accuracy, and the “floating pivot” was the answer.

DJ’s “Hogan” Pivot”

hogan swing day 6


From the Hogan Project, I was able to return the “floating pivot” move to the MCS model, and in the proper way, right-biased in contrast to the center-biased position the early MCS models had, and the “Ultimate MCS” video showed those changes.

Ultimate MCS

aspect hogan-bt


The “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” is actually Part 2 of the Ultimate MCS, meaning that the model in the UMCS is the same model as in KMCS.

I just made additional discoveries on leveraging a floating heel swing model (the “Jack Nicklaus Project”) and I also designed a Modern Golf Swing model that has all of the same properties of the floating pivot, but with a planted leading heel on the back swing.

So, the “Ben Hogan Project” has turned out to be more than just a look at his swing – it will show you how to stand and pivot the way Hogan did, and will dispel many of the myths around Hogan’s swing that persist in today’s analysis.

Myths About Hogan’s Swing



My favorite part about the “Ben Hogan Project?”

Exactly what the gentleman wrote to me after having downloaded and viewed the video – it allowed him to make the setup and stance changes to “Hoganize” his golf swing even as I show in the video what not to copy from Hogan’s model (he fought a hook and some of his concepts are not for ordinary swingers).

And that is exactly what I intended with the “Ben Hogan Project” – to teach people exactly what Hogan was doing, regardless of the incorrect myths and legends propagated by today’s instructors and analysts, and to point people in the right direction with regards to “Hoganizing” their own golf swing.

So, the BHP is a very special video for me – it was the beginning of the end that I have now reached with swing research and theory.


9 thoughts on “The “Ben Hogan Project,” An Email Review

  1. bigtoilet

    DJ’s “Hogan Project” was a crowning achievement.


    Because he’s the only guy I’ve ever see that got Hogans’s swing CORRECT in an explanation!

    It’s crazy to me how all the “well known” golf instructors seem to always FAIL on their analysis of Hogan (my opinion of course). I think DJ proved that in his work on Hogan.

    I have several books on Hogan, many videos, and have researched him over the years…..

    Then DJ comes along and opens my eyes to what Hogan ACTUALLY did! CRAZY!!

    You can take all the “gurus” and flush ’em all down the toilet (a Big Toilet) because for years they have mis-interpreted Hogan’s swing…..They FAILED where DJ succeeded!

    1. D Watts Post author

      You can take all the “gurus” and flush ’em all down the toilet (a Big Toilet)…

      LOL… only you could say that and make it hilarious, BT 😀

  2. Laser

    “…all the ‘well known’ golf instructors seem to always FAIL on their analysis…”

    It’s because they base it on theories, rather than athletics like DJ does.

    Ironically, the book Hogan collaborated on (Five Lessons) planted some misconceptions. It’s mostly about Hips & Shoulders. The only thing missing is…a swing.

    I theorize that Hogan read the book (he didn’t write it) and knew it was missing something. So, on page 58, they inserted a quotation from him, “…the inside muscles that the golfer must learn to use.”

    He didn’t explain that, but it’s kind of funny to have him comment on “inside muscles” in a book that is top-heavy with comments about the “outside bones.”

    1. D Watts Post author

      I tried to read “Five Lessons” years and years ago, and I couldn’t even figure out if it was written in English. It did nothing for me, to say the least.

      I wonder if I’d have a different perspective on it now, since the first time around was years before my swing research began…

  3. Laser

    As I recall, the book was the result of a lawsuit. Hogan had a contract to do a feature for LIFE magazine, and they spun-off some of the material to Sports Illustrated, without additional payment to Hogan.

    As part of the settlement, Hogan collaborated on the subsequent book…but, it’s not like he was inspired to create it. However, he did have some input, and there are quotations from him (some of them contradictory).

  4. bigtoilet

    Larry Nelson said he learned to swing from “Five Fundamentals.” I challenge you to look at Larry Nelson’s swing…..when you do you will realize that Larry wasn’t able to follow Hogan’s “advice” either!! LOL
    Congrats to Larry for his PGA win and years on TOUR, but Hogan would not want Larry Nelson saying he learned to swing from him!!

    1. D Watts Post author

      Well let’s not short change the man, BT – Two PGA Championship wins and a U.S. Open title… not too shabby, just not Hogan

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