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The 3 “Stability Factors” In MCS…

addr-imp3I said yesterday that MCS is the manner of swinging a golf club the way your body is designed to move and not according to bizarre positional theories advanced by the past couple decades’ worth of “modern golf swing” instructors and gurus.

And here is the way to describe how any MCS or mechanically-correct swing should work, whether it’s a swing based on my model or not.

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BT’s Swing – Face On

btaddrHere is a clip from yesterday while Jerry “BT” Crowell and I were discussing the swing.

He continues to prepare for 2016 tournaments and his swing is tighter than I’ve ever seen it.

There will be one thing we’ll be working on before I get to see him again in person, but this swing is about as good as it gets.

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Why MY Center-Biased Swing Didn’t Kill Me (Video)

drv seq 2009Here is a clip of two swings from the golf course back in September of 2009.

I had decided that summer to focus on the playing aspect of the swing rather than just the swing model motion, so I didn’t do any range work whatsoever that year.

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BT’s Very MCS Swing DTL (video)

bt finishI don’t get much opportunity to post video of Jerry “BT” Crowell’s swing because the video feed from the Lorena Ochoa Academy doesn’t translate well in conversion.

He sent me a swing yesterday that was from a more standard camera, and I thought it would be a perfect time to post the latest MCS swing from the big guy, considering he does it so well…

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MCS’ Actual “Secret” – The Different “Swing Angle”

dj's swing angleThere are swing secrets and there is thee swing secret to MCS.

I’ve said that MCS stands simply for “Mechanically-Correct Swing,” and that is of course as simple as it gets.

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Winther Wins Int’l Long Drive Title (440 Yards!)

r winther’12 Remax WLDC champion Ryan Winther took 1st place in¬†the 2015 International Long Drive¬†Championships this past week, held in Manzanillo, Mexico.

I’m a little late in posting the news because I just didn’t feel like posting anything yesterday for obvious reasons.

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Secrets of MCS – THIS Video Download On “Separation” May Change Your Life

separationIf you are a degenerate “Over-the-Top-er” as I was until I solved my personal problem of separation…

If you are prone to pulling the ball left (for a rightie), if you have a steep down swing plane…

If you are experiencing lower back pain, or leading
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Secret of MCS – Next Up “Swing Angle”

leaning aIf you had to ask me which part of the MCS swing theory that is most different from conventional and especially modern swing models is the “Swing Angle.”

You will hear things from the pros and instructors about “throwing” the club at the target after impact, and that is simply incorrect, mechanically-speaking.

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What I’m Doing With “Secrets of the MCS” Series

5 minutes of mcsYou might wonder what the purpose is of creating short videos that contain the same material in the “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” video, or why I would even bother.

The response to the initial two videos, “5 Minutes of MCS” and “Separation,” tell me that I have inadvertently stumbled upon a new method of helping people learn and ingrain a mechanically-correct golf swing.

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