Stick A Fork In Tiger Woods – 2nd Back Surgery In Weeks

tiger_woods_injures_back_at_the_barclays_2013_-_pga_tourKinda makes sense now that Tiger Woods was lobbying for a non-playing role in the next Ryder Cup, doesn’t it?

If you were holding out a dim hope of his somehow getting past the back injury he suffered under Sean Foley’s watchful swing tutelage, and that he’d incredibly come back from yet another back surgery at summer’s end – you’ve probably already heard the news.

The news being that Tiger Woods has had to undergo yet another back procedure (making it 3 in about 18 months), and prospects are dimming rapidly.

From BBC Sports:

Tiger Woods has revealed he had a follow-up procedure on Wednesday to relieve discomfort which resulted from his back surgery in September…

The statement on his website  added that there was “no timetable” for the return of the 39-year-old American, who has won 14 majors.

“It’s one of those things that had to be done,” said Woods, who has dropped from world number one to 351.

And that just about says it all.



So, all of you young swingers out there who think it doesn’t matter how you swing, as long as you get it in the hole…



You’d better re-evaluate that attitude.


3 thoughts on “Stick A Fork In Tiger Woods – 2nd Back Surgery In Weeks

  1. bigtoilet

    There are those that will say, “Tiger hurt his back doing other things besides golf.” I say BUNK!!

    Dude has done ALOT more golf-wise than anything else, and his model doesn’t support the speed he wants to swing at…..BACKBREAKER!

    There are other currently doing the same thing or close to what Tiger has done with his swing, and they have already had MRI’s and such.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I believe that was the deal with his knee as well, BT – Tiger was always saying he hurt his knee in ’07 with non-golf activity, but there are two problems with that.

      1. He had two prior surgeries on the same knee, the first in his college years,

      2. Didn’t he keep saying that he’d had to leave Butch to save his knee? Well, if it wasn’t the swing, what the heck was it?

      Then, when he needed back surgery, he was saying the injury came from stepping awkwardkly into a bunker after a side-hill lie… and as you say, BUNK.

      He just couldn’t admit that he wrecked his back with a crap swing model that he kept trying for four years, far too long for any intelligent person to do.

      I was warning about the lower back from the time he started working with Foley and that wonky model.


      1. bigtoilet

        He cannot and wouldn’t say that he hurt his back with any golf swing. That would be admitting a fault.

        Anyone who believes otherwise is just flat out naive.

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