195 MPH Ball Speed?!? OH My GEEK…

djs geek dot com thisWell, today brought a surprise.  I don’t like to hit balls two days in a row because I’m a swing researcher.

I like to analyse what I’ve done on video, and give myself at least a day to think about theory and technique and decide what if any change I’m going to make the next time out.

Lucky for me, my swing research is over, so there’s nothing really to think about from one day to the next, other than seeing how close I am to my optimal motion and then, can I get closer next time out?

I shot video for my upcoming MCS Long Drive video yesterday, and I was swinging so well that I couldn’t help myself.

I went back out today to get more video and make some more swings on camera, and at the end of doing what I wanted to do, I just started hitting balls with my different drivers to see which one I swing best.

I had been using the SMT Nemesis, which has a 50″ shaft, and I just don’t think I’m strong enough yet to maximize the club, because there’s a lot of leverage required in swinging a club 10% longer than standard.

I switched over to the TaylorMade RBZ that I have as my standard playing club, and I wasn’t hitting that one too badly.

But since I refined my long drive swing, the 8.5 loft was way too high on the RBZ, so I pulled my Geek Dot-Com This out of the bag.

It only has a standard length shaft, but it’s a Matrix, very good quality, and has just six degrees of loft on it.

Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell sent it to me a couple of years ago when I was trying to help him with Mike Austin’s swing model (which proved futile, you just can’t play golf with a shifting head model – he started seeing real success when I developed the last MCS swing model for him), and I could never quite hit it the way I figured it should be hit.

Fast-forward two years to having finished my swing theory research, and I had only swung it a few times just a few weeks back, and didn’t like the results.

Today was different.  My long drive swing is where it should be, and I hammered that thing.

DJ Hits 194 MPH Ball Speed On Video


I had the SSR out when I was hitting the RBZ, and it was in the 180’s, which I don’t get excited about.

Imagine my surprise when the very first swing produced 192 mph ball speed!

Just to note, it was also around 9C today around noon (50F).

I teed up another one and got a 195 mph reading.  But I had put the camera away and was starting to lose a little steam in the engine.

Holy smokes, I thought – let me get the camera back out anyway and hit a couple for the Big Toilet

djs geek dot com this


Only got one at 194 mph on video, but I’m not even thinking about, “Can I hit 200 mph at some point in my life?”

That 200 mph barrier is not far away, and I plan to smash through it in the coming year.

I’ve hit balls exactly 6 days this month, and today was the first time I did it two days in a row.

5 days/wk of intense swinging sessions to build strength and stamina, some custom clubs (all of my long drive clubs were gifted and not custom-fitted), and perhaps a weight program, and sadly, giving up my true love, German beer?

200 is a given…

Just a matter of when.

And then, I start planning seriously for some long drive competition in the coming year…


5 thoughts on “195 MPH Ball Speed?!? OH My GEEK…

  1. john1brady

    Outstanding! With a perfect 1.5 smash factor that would take 130mph club head speed minimum… 200mph ball speed is yours with the same efficiency and 3.5mph more!!! You can do it!

    Now, you went and mentioned beer… and since I am mostly irish… time for an irish ale joke.

    Guy from Dublin walks into a corner bar and orders 2 pints.

    Bartender said, “glad to do so but I can pour one now and a fresh cold one when your ready”

    Irishman said “ah, thank you but I always order and drink two, one for me and one for my mate back in the old country”.

    He became a regular and this went on for some time until one day he only ordered one.

    The bartender felt terrible and assuming the worse gave his respects for his loss… the

    Irishman said “oh… no… my mate is just fine… that one is for him… you see… because I stopped drinking…

    1. D Watts Post author

      LOL… good one.

      I haven’t had a Guinness since I visited BT in So Cal last January.

      Don’t ask me what I was doing drinking a Guinness after all the beer, but it did go down real smooth – and it probably contributed to the ripping hangover I had the next morning 😉

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