Tim Burke Wins 2nd WLDC Title

burkeTim Burke, the 2013 WLDC winner has taken his second title at the Long Drivers of America/Golf Channel hosted 2015 World Long Drive Championship.

He beat Jeremy Easterly’s Final Round best drive of 386 with a 394 yard first blast, and the finals were pretty much over then.

Burke then spent the remaining time trying to outdo that first drive, but it wasn’t needed.

Easterly’s presence in the Final match-up was the result of a shocking semi-final pairing – he could only manage a best semi-final drive of 380, and it was pretty much expected that his semi-final rival, 2-Time Champion Jamie Sadlowski, would easily surpass that.

Sadlowski was coming up a 402 yard demolition of Jeff Crittenden, whose best was 390, and then Sadlowski stepped up to the tee with 380 as his mark – and hit every single drive out of bounds.

There was a look first of concern, then sheer panic in his eyes as he spent more time looking at the shot clock than anything else, as the murmuring from the stands grew louder with each lost ball.

He hit 11 drives in the 2:45 of regular time (far too many, he should have been aiming for 7 or 8 drives, quality over quantity), and each one seemed to be more rushed than the previous one after his first couple of misses.

He then got a last-chance ball – and hit that one OB as well.  Twelve OB balls when he had only 380 yards to beat.

I noticed he was very center-biased in his stance, and all that head motion on the back swing and subsequent downswing may have been enough to disrupt his consistency.

What I found remarkable was that every drive, it seemed, had a club speed over 145 mph and over 210 mph, so it wasn’t a lack of speed.  It may have been a sign that he was over-swinging, however.

Whatever it was, Tim Burke was virtually assured the win in the Final, and it was over from the first drive.

Tim Burke Winning In 2013



In addition to the 394 into a 20 mph crosswind, Burke hit drives over 400 yard in both his quarter-final and semi-final rounds.  He was the best long driver on the deck last night, without a doubt.

Tim Burke’s Golf Swing


And he’s got a beautiful floating pivot with the floating heel.  I neglected that when I made Sadlowski my money-favorite yesterday after he took down Ryan Winther – Tim Burke certainly deserved mention as a co-favorite, and his win was no upset.

Did anyone else notice that this year’s competitors had much more mechanically-correct swing actions than in the previous years?  I can’t remember many if any swingers who made me pause.

Sure, in long drive you go for extreme speed and distance and form may suffer, but there were some on-point swings last night to watch, both Sadlowski’s (not in results but technique) and Burke’s.

I hope that’s a trend and not an anomaly.

Actually looking forward to next year’s tilt!


4 thoughts on “Tim Burke Wins 2nd WLDC Title

  1. xyz459

    I was hoping for the David (5’10” 168 lbs) vs. Goliath (6’6″ 230 lbs) matchup. pound for pound and with his shorter levers, sadlowski is truly amazing.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I thought I saw something in the live coverage that I have just confirmed looking at a couple of face-on swings from that night.

      Sadlowski had the highest club and ball speeds that night. He was consistently high 140’s and high two-teens, but he couldn’t find the grid.

      He got too vertical with his spine position at address (and stress or pressure can make you subconsciously start to “lean” into the address, getting too vertical and without any spine tilt).

      His head was centered, his spine was nearly completely vertical (looking face-on), and so there was a lot of head movement on the back swing and down swing.

      Speed and power weren’t affected, but his accuracy and consistency suffered – which was exactly what put him out of it.

      He had more than enough to give Burke a run for the title, but you gotta be able to hit the grid…

      1. xyz459

        as I recall in 2013 Burke hadn’t hit the grid and was down to his last ball before crushing one 420 to win. at these speeds a couple of degrees open or closed can translate to 100 y off line down range (especially with a side wind). these guys are definitely pushing the limits.

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