This Is Scary… Joe Miller Is Floating His Heel…

miler top I have not watched the WLDC for some time, due to my dissatisfaction with a few things about it.

I wasn’t planning to watch this year’s event on the Golf Channel, but Andreas Persson, a multi-time competitor in the former Remax WLDC, just got me very excited about it, with one picture.

That picture?

Hold the phone, ladies and gentlemen – the behemoth former Remax World Champion Joe Miller

Is now swinging with a floating heel swing model:

miler top


Now, considering Andreas has qualified for the World Finals, and Joe Miller will of course be there as well…

I think I might have to rethink my decision to not watch it!

Guy looks pretty good, don’t he?

dj vs joe miller top

I don’t want to be anywhere near that ball when he uncorks his down swing, without earplugs!


Prediction:  It’s already over.

Guys like Jamie Sadlowski and Tyler Kellett swing this way already, but they have to, being only around 6′ ( 182 cm) tall and weighing less than 90 kilos (200 lbs).

If the Strongman of Long Drive, Joe Miller, is now swinging the same way…

I’m just wondering who comes in second.

Miller’s only way to get better and longer and more consistent – guess what?  He’s doing it…


Good luck to long-time reader and commenter Andreas, who has actually beaten Miller in Europe.

Andreas, let’s make it you and him in the Final!


5 thoughts on “This Is Scary… Joe Miller Is Floating His Heel…

  1. hansel777

    Too bad his follow through is of the jumping variety.

    Mike Dobbyn is looking pretty good imo.

        1. D Watts Post author

          I love Dobbyn’s release thru the ball.

          And they’re all big strong physical specimens.

          Gladiators, and I’m very happy to see these guys swinging more mechanically-correct.

          I might just enjoy watching this year. 🙂

        2. bigtoilet

          Mike Dobbyn is ridiculous to stand next to, even for me! I was watching him at WORLDS last year (I was wearing a cut off t-shirt) and he forearm bashes me and says, “Suns out guns out ‘eh Jerry?”……My arms looked like his wrists next to his. LOL

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