Remember This Guy? (Monte Scheinblum Goes Long Drive)

scheinblum top before & afterYou’ll remember if you’ve been around for a while, I wrote blog post about a guy whose blog posts some of my Members were following.

Guy by the name of Monte Scheinblum, who is a golf instructor out of California.

I looked at his swing back then and wondered why he was swinging planted-heel style when his best action years ago had been the classic floating heel action.

For long drive, you’re going to wreck yourself trying to swing planted-heel, and for an example, former Remax Champion Ryan Winther has fallen out with injuries just about every year since his win back in ’12 (at least, he did in ’13 and ’14, though I don’t know about last year).

So, this was Scheinblum’s action back when he won the ’92 World Long Drive Championship:



Compare that to a video of his swing from a couple of years back, and you’ll see all of the bad stuff that happens with you swing planted-heel for power:

Restricted hips, less than 90% shoulder turn, and no natural leverage (broken kinetic chain), leading to the need for more muscle power, and of course, increased risk of injury.

scheinblum top planted heel


Monte dropped in to comment after that posting, and he said about his planted-heel:

I thought you’d be entertained to hear I was told to dump the floating heel when all the swing gurus were tearing my swing apart.

I had missed at second stage of Q school several times in a row and was ignorant enough to listen to the experts. I haven’t done it for so long, it feels unnatural when I do it again.

Fast-forward to this year, and Scheinblum is taking a shot at the Seniors division in the former Remax, now Golf Channel/Long Drivers of America’s WLDC next week, and he’s now floating his heel again:

Monte Scheinblum Long Drive Practice


The floating heel return is a definite improvement:

scheinblum top


scheinblum addr & top


And check out the erect posture, relaxed spine and angled stance he’s got going on dtl:

scheinblum addr dtl


All of that is good, of course, but there is one area where, unfortunately, he’s not improved, and in fact has gone from good to bad:

scheinblum top before & after


To be fair, there is a slight tilt in the picture of his ’15 address stance, but no tilt can obscure that he’s hugely left-biased in his address stance.

Nearly vertical spine where he had the right-ward tilt in ’13, and this is why he’s jumping off the ground through impact.

No one should be swinging with a left bias, and if you’re going to do it in long drive… remember what happened to Tiger Woods’ back trying to bomb it from a left-biased stance… so a big caution flag there.

Combine his ’13 address with his ’15 swing action, and he’s there.

But not yet…



9 thoughts on “Remember This Guy? (Monte Scheinblum Goes Long Drive)

  1. Laser

    Monte kind of got seduced by video. Video is useful, but it’s not everything. The viewer might not be looking at the right thing, or from the right direction(s).

    Monte was a former long-drive champ, and should have been twice. Brian Pavlet edged him the 2nd time when he hit out-of-bounds and bounced back in…legal then.

    I like his relaxed spine…it used to look ramrod straight.

    1. D Watts Post author

      He’s doing all the right things but from the wrong position.

      Funny, ’cause his address face-on was very good when he was swinging planted heel. He fixed that, and now his address is out of whack.

      Helps to have a model… 😉

    2. D Watts Post author

      Funny you mention Pavlet, who advanced all the way to the semi-final bracket, whereas Scheinblum didn’t make it out of the qualifying rounds.

      You’re not going anywhere with a left-biased address in long drive, and that’s the fact, Jack…

  2. DB Coop

    Have you any idea DJ how such a successful swinger over years past would shift to a center or left address bias? It looks very awkward and I’m no instructor.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Ironically DB, I was about to comment that I imagined Monte, being a swinger and having had a world-beating swing at one time, was likely looking for the solution to bring that swing back to what it was…

      But I see that BT’s comment below (and I believe he’s known Monte for some years with them both being from So-Cal) explains his own view of Scheimblum’s search to regain his swing, and he would know better than I.

      But to answer your remark, yes, it looks very awkward and performs the same – as evidenced by the jumping through impact. There’s no leverage there, or a pitcher would be in the air on the release, and a baseball player at bat would be in the air as well – but they aren’t, because that’s not mechanically-correct.

      Let me be clear – Monte is not a hack. He’s an accomplished former long driver, professional tournament player and now instructor. And he was still in the high 190’s in mph ball speed in that video, which is no slouch. Ten miles per hour faster than my best with my RBZ driver.

      But that swing needs work. I’m talking about getting to the winner’s circle, he’s good enough to compete.

      That’s all I’m saying.

  3. bigtoilet

    My answer to DB’s question on why Monte would switch……

    Monte’s a searcher. That’s a compliment by the way. If he wants his “search” to end…


    MCS is the end of that search. Let’s be real here folks, DJ’s work blows away ANY other instructor on the planet….PERIOD!!!!

    I mean, how can David Leadbetter re-invent the golf swing (A Swing) after decades working with TOUR level players and world class juniors. What in THEE hell?? It makes no sense. I swear they are snake oil salesman and marketers, that’s them at their core.

    DJ Watts did his work without world wide fanfare. No huge ego to feed with DJ, no intent on his part to do anything but put in the time it took to get a proper model and explain it, based on the “classic era” swingers.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thanks for the kind words, BT – and you’re right in that it’s all based on the classic era swingers. Bobby Jones’ videos will help you ten times more than any modern swing guru’s blather and mechanically-unsound positions and moves.

      I followed the masters, so I can do what I do and show others the same. W.E.III is doing great, by the way,and I can’t wait for him to show up at Goose Creek and blow your mind!

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