The Funny Thing About My Picture @

?????First of all, they lifted that picture from my Smash Golf blog back in 2011.

You’ll notice if you go there that they still haven’t captioned it with my name or where they got it from.

I blogged about taking my pic back then, and sent some emails, until someone finally responded.

I told them at the time that they could use the pic if they wanted to, as long as they identified the person and the source.  I was told that would happen and it still hasn’t:

Harrison-Smash Golf


Questionable ethics aside, it serves them right, because the ironic thing is – it’s not a mechanically-optimal position, even though everyone seems to like it:



That still pic came from a swing I shot back in 2008 during a summer of trying a whole bunch of different swing models, including the left-biased version of a floating pivot swing that is the cousin of a flat-footed “Stack & Tilt” type of swing.

Hence, it wasn’t a proper model, but everyone loved my post-impact position.

Problem was that this was the address position:

dj addr2


That is a horrible position – everything is biased to the left side and my head, although I have a right spine tilt at impact, is nowhere near my right foot.

No wonder I had a very steep down swing and couldn’t hit “up” on the ball – you can’t hit “up” on a ball when you’re over the darned thing.

This is how Tiger Woods broke his back, by the way – trying to hit his driver from an address position that made it impossible to do it properly.

You can only hit “up” on a ball by being behind it:

dj post impact


So, if you compare the attitude of the body on both post-impact positions where both arms are at or near full extension, you’ll see that the ’08 post-impact picture is woefully beneath my position from yesterday:



So, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

My ’15 position is far fairer to my eye than the ’08 position.


2 thoughts on “The Funny Thing About My Picture @

    1. D Watts Post author

      That bad eh, P.A.? 😉

      Throw in a chicken wing and an ankle roll and you’d be there…

      I would still have knocked it way past JS with this model.

      It just wasn’t what I was looking for – the mechanically-correct and athletically-optimal swing model.

      This model can work for swingers like Mahan and Rose, as they aren’t power swingers.

      I swing way too fast to do it safely from a left-biased address, and no one who swings for power should be swinging from that position.

      So, it didn’t work for me, which is why I left it behind after trying it out.

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