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Stick A Fork In Tiger Woods – 2nd Back Surgery In Weeks

tiger_woods_injures_back_at_the_barclays_2013_-_pga_tourKinda makes sense now that Tiger Woods was lobbying for a non-playing role in the next Ryder Cup, doesn’t it?

If you were holding out a dim hope of his somehow getting past the back injury he suffered under Sean Foley’s watchful swing tutelage, and that he’d incredibly come back from yet another back surgery at summer’s end – you’ve probably already heard the news.

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Why BT Is Inland Empire’s Teacher Of The Year (Lil’ MCS!)

lil mcsIf this video clip doesn’t illustrate why Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell was SCPGA Inland Empire Chapter’s “Teacher of the Year” for 2015, then I don’t know what will.

Here is a first look of the future of MCS swing theory – a classic, back-to-basics golf swing that looks like the days of Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson golf swings, and this one’s a beaut.

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195 MPH Ball Speed?!? OH My GEEK…

djs geek dot com thisWell, today brought a surprise.  I don’t like to hit balls two days in a row because I’m a swing researcher.

I like to analyse what I’ve done on video, and give myself at least a day to think about theory and technique and decide what if any change I’m going to make the next time out.

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Double Leverage – The Ultimate “Push & Pull”

impact ldI don’t know why I like saying “Push & Pull” instead of saying the term in its proper sequence, which should really be “Pull, then Push…”

I guess the old saying “Push & Pull” keeps coming back to mind, and it flows off the tongue more easily, don’t you think?

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Jerry “BT” Crowell Misses Champions Toshiba Pre-Qual By 2

jcrowellAs I’ve been saying, swing changes take time to implement properly if you’re not just going to perform a series of moves that make no sense to you (usual swing changes) and usually fall apart when you get under pressure.

Jerry “BT” Crowell’s journey from modern golf in search of a mechanically-correct swing has been documented here, and while he has been disappointed by how he was playing in the past year’s events, I kept telling him that it was coming.

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Tim Burke Wins 2nd WLDC Title

burkeTim Burke, the 2013 WLDC winner has taken his second title at the Long Drivers of America/Golf Channel hosted 2015 World Long Drive Championship.

He beat Jeremy Easterly’s Final Round best drive of 386 with a 394 yard first blast, and the finals were pretty much over then.

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Jerry Crowell – Inland Empire Chapter SCPGA Teacher of the Year

jcrowellI posted back in September that Wax Golf’s own Jerry “BT” Crowell had been voted the Teacher of the Year in the SCPGA’s Inland Empire Chapter.

And then, to prove he’s no slouch in the playing department, he took a 2-day SCPGA Senior competition a couple of weeks later, winning by an 8 stroke margin.

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This Is Scary… Joe Miller Is Floating His Heel…

miler top I have not watched the WLDC for some time, due to my dissatisfaction with a few things about it.

I wasn’t planning to watch this year’s event on the Golf Channel, but Andreas Persson, a multi-time competitor in the former Remax WLDC, just got me very excited about it, with one picture.

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BT Crushes Comp in SCPGA Seniors Event (Wins By 8 Strokes)

BT - Masters biscuitJerry “Big Toilet” Crowell, longtime resident here at Wax Golf, played a senior’s event this week, having turned 50 a few weeks back.

It was an SCPGA event, and he absolutely cruised to an 8-stroke victory with 67-68 rounds in the two-day event.

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Remember This Guy? (Monte Scheinblum Goes Long Drive)

scheinblum top before & afterYou’ll remember if you’ve been around for a while, I wrote blog post about a guy whose blog posts some of my Members were following.

Guy by the name of Monte Scheinblum, who is a golf instructor out of California.

I looked at his swing back then and wondered why he was swinging planted-heel style when his best action years ago had been the classic floating heel action.

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