The Iron Byron Drill – Right Side

iron byron screen capOK, I’ve been looking at how best to demonstrate the right arm and hand release action, and of course the best possible mechanical action is that of the Iron Byron.

It’s a very basic premise that involves the “Line of Scrimmage” concept from the “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” video and we can look at both left and right sides.

Let’s start with the right side, for both throwers and hybrid pull/throwers.

So looking at this drill from the Up The Line angle, look at what I do at first.

If you look at where my hand is on the club shaft to begin with, that’s very important.**

The Iron Byron Drill – Right Arm & Hand

iron byron drill screen cap




Once you have accomplished this action, the next step, simply swinging with two hands and getting that same free release feel to the club head at the bottom.


**This is an excerpted posting.  You can read the rest of this posting and learn how to perform the Iron Byron Release at DJ’s Watering Hole, Wax Golf’s private Members’ site.


6 thoughts on “The Iron Byron Drill – Right Side

  1. Laser

    Different subject, but here’s one that’s up your alley. I’ll bet you could find something in Anthony Kim videos that…might be harmful.

    “Here’s what I’m telling you today,” he said. “I’m going to step away from the game for a little while and get my body pieced together…. I’ve got so much ground to make up from injuries — rotator cuff, labrum, spinal fusion, hand injury. I’ve had six or seven surgeries in the last three-and-a-half years.”

    Don’t shed too many tears for him though. Other sources say that he got himself insured against injury, and the payoff is substantial.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Yeah, Laser – been there, wrote it. I wrote about Kim’s modern swing issues way back when he was still playing.

      And I’d add, it’s the way he swung and wants to swing now that will likely prevent him ever making a comeback.

      That and the huge insurance payments that he’d had to give back…

  2. msattler2013

    I have been injured the last two months and not able to hit any balls . I just got DJs new video only watched it once and went out and played today without hitting any balls and after a few holes started crushing the Driver .

    1. D Watts Post author

      That’s great, Mike – now, watch the video a couple more times, try the drills. No word of a lie, you will find that yesterday’s good swings were only the beginning 🙂

  3. msattler2013

    I really only watxhed part 1 so far and wasn’t expecting to be playing yet. I didn’t think my wrist was healed yet. Kind of a last minute thing I ended up playjng 9 holes .

    Didn’t start out all that great but 3 or the last 4 drives were just crushed . I am excited to watch the entire video many times and work on the drills . I have a lot of bad habits to get rid of . Great job on the video DJ !

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