Henry Cotton’s Swing Visuals… Hmmm!

henry cottonIf you don’t know who Henry Cotton was, don’t worry.

But look him up if you doubt his golfing prowess.

Jim from DJ’s Watering Hole found this golden nugget and I have to say, the first thing Cotton says in the clip up to 0:15 seconds of the clip, is exactly what I’ve been saying for years.

Cotton is saying that today’s (or the teachers at that time, likely the early 80’s as Mr. Cotton passed on in ’87) instructors teach position and incremental moves rather than an actual swing motion.

You’ll enjoy this if you’re into MCS swing theory – the visual concept of this is very close to a couple of the drills in the “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” video, but the way Cotton did it, you have to be very wary of violating the “Line of Scrimmage” rule that so many people loved in “Kinesiology.”


Henry Cotton’s Swing Visual – The Hammer & Tire


Note: Even if the concept and drills are not exactly the same, you can see how the MCS swing theory presented in “Kinesiology” uses the same swing concepts and visuals as did the Classic Era golfers, the best players, that is, back in the day…

henry cotton


4 thoughts on “Henry Cotton’s Swing Visuals… Hmmm!

  1. Laser

    The GOOD: the observation that today’s instructors teach positions and incremental moves rather than an actual swing motion….you shouldn’t be trying to square the clubface…and the motion is down to the ball (tire) rather than out to a target on the course.

    The BAD: all of that impact on the hands from the tire, and the idea that hands are of primary importance. (I agree with you, that a light grip is better.)

    So, Cotton had something…but I’m not sure that he knew what it was. Some of those swings (perhaps when he was older) were off-balance. If someone is doing it right, I don’t think they’re ever off balance.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Correct on the tire stuff – I wouldn’t advocate hitting a tire like that. The old classic swingers were as strong as blacksmiths and had the wrists to withstand that kind of stuff.

      I would be worried about someone straining their wrist, elbow or shoulder from the jarring impacts.

      I prefer the Wax Golf MCS impact drills, as I’m sure that my viewers of “Kinesiology” will agree 😉

  2. Donalm

    Hi DJ and all the gang just a little bit of trivia on this video the guy in the blue top hitting hell out of the tyre is non other than Henry Cooper Boxing champ and the only man to knock out Cassius Clay as he introduced him to his sledgehammer left hook.

    Enjoy no wonder he could belt that tyre


    1. D Watts Post author

      Those were some tough guys back then. Contrast with today’s guys needing a physiotherapy trailer, an equipment truck, a mental coach and 2 personal assistants just to get to the first tee…

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