Getting More “Push” To The “Pull” – Leverage & Power

dj imp ldIf you think of the “pulling” part of a hybrid “Push/Pull” down swing, that’s the part that leverages the initial part of that down swing.

The second part, the “push” part, is what adds the power to the leverage.  Granted, there’s plenty of power in a leveraged “pulling” motion, just as there is in the “pushing” or “throwing” part, but it’s the dual nature of using both at the same time that gives the hybrid motion its superior power.

With my long drive swings from yesterday, I was very pleased with how I was able to adjust my positioning and mechanics from just a short while back, to one of much more mechanical-correctness with the “pull” aspect.

Pulling down swings are prone to falling prey to the harpoon dive, or the head shift towards the target, because the back swing didn’t position the upper body correctly for that particular move.

Those of you at DJ’s Watering Hole, or if you’ve watched the “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” video by now, will know what I’m talking about here, and you can see that improved “pulling” action clearly here:

ld down swing


I will now move on to the “pushing” or “throwing” part of the swing the next time out, after I’ve had a day or so to get the correct visual and to swing the stick a few dozen times.

It’s all about changing your “feel” in what you’re doing until the “feel” becomes “real,” or in other words, until what you’re feeling in the swing is actually the proper motion.

Then, I’ll see some real pop in that long drive club at the bottom, and I’ll start looking at what my ball speed and distances look like.