Wax Nation – Remember This Video? (Push/Pull)

sgt crhis burrellIf you remember this video about which I posted last month, Peter Kostis was attempting to teach someone how to “push” and “pull” the golf swing.

If you’re now watching the “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing,” you’ll see a lot of what he’s talking about with regards to that action.

Notice as well that he talks about “pulling down too much,” which is of course impossible if you’re pulling properly and on the correct angle.

Sgt. Burrell’s issue is one of sequencing and swing angle, not that he’s pulling “too much.”

sgt crhis burrell


Kostis also fails to mention the harpoon down swing transition move, but as I said before when I saw this clip on TV during a tournament, I really can’t complain about much of anything Kostis says here.

Kostis Talks “Pull & Throw”


The problem is that it’s just so vague and generic – “Learn to throw the club…”

Well, how is he supposed to learn that when everyone is teaching modern golf swing theory?

Things To Watch: As Kostis talks about the right arm throwing drill, go to the “Kinesiology” video and watch the parts on the Mallet & Wall Swinging Drills:

mallet wall drill


And the “Iron Byron” Release portion of the video:

iron byron screen cap


And we know from the “Kinesiology” video that “pulling” to begin a down swing from a planted-heel top position is not a good way to go about it.

This is for a hybrid swing action and not a “throwing” swing model, so Sgt Burrell needs a model switch if he has to keep his prosthetic foot planted through the back swing.

Luckily for Wax Nation, the correct way to “push” and “pull” is a simple matter of “switching sides!”


2 thoughts on “Wax Nation – Remember This Video? (Push/Pull)

  1. Donalm

    It wouldn’t be fair to the author if I did not review this swing model I know he has worked beyond the call to get this out there and to those of you who don’t know or are sitting on the fence as whether to buy or not let me explain in simple layman terms I don’t do reviews but it would be unjust when someone has given so much not to give back at least thanks.

    Now listen to what I say whatever your age or gender this is where it all ends and the new world golf begins forget buying that new driver or ordering a new set of Pings it won’t change the way you go about hitting the ball so you won’t enjoy the shot any more believe me I know I did the new clubs thing for years, let me tell you one thing about this video swing method.

    How many times have you heard the saying over the top OTT all the pros tell you about it the TV gurus go on about it even the YouTube teachers do but what is over the top well in non-golfing terms it’s a loud fashion statement a very flash car etc.

    The difference there is that you can see it out in front of you the guy with the pink trousers and yellow boots see it with your own eyes but in golf OTT is a curse that can plague you for ever and even when you think “Well I had a lesson and I think it’s cured me “ well it hasn’t and it won’t why because you can’t see it so you don’t know how to cure it and you buy a new driver and so the circle goes on.

    Well as of now that’s all changed. This man has made the golf swing a joy to swing

    how? you may ask well first lose the name or thought Over The Top something you can’t see, change it to something you will instantly understand and more importantly something you can see throughout your swing so simple that you get it with the first swing.

    Now I am not going to give away his teaching other than on video #1 14:00 to 16:40 its explained so lovely that your sitting in the chair and is like the light went on I could not wait to get to the range and even a howling wind every and I mean every club sailed straight down the range .

    There I’ve said it you will just have to believe me and when you do and buy the video try it then come back here and add to my praise so that others can enjoy.


    Donal Mooney

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thank you for that testimonial, Donal. It is very gratifying to see long-time sufferers finally seeing results with swing improvement and an increased joy in the playing! Thanks for sharing.


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