Take The Swing “To The Wall”

djs wallI am getting through all of the new material for the upcoming “KinesioIogy of the MCS Golf Swing” material that I had to re-shoot for the video, and here’s a little tidbit for the DJ’s Watering Hole crew on the “mallet” action of the MCS Golf Swing.

This is more for the “throwing” swingers, but if you are a hybrid swinger, this concept should also make sense to you as it simply shows the right or power side action in a throwing and/or hybrid swing action.

You’ll remember Peter Kostis talking about pulling & throwing and how I said the concept was absolutely valid, but that neither Peter nor the golfer whose swing he was analyzing knew exactly how this works.

Well, here’s the “throwing” or “pushing” side of the MCS golf swing.

djs wall


First, you’ll need a mallet, and then a wall…preferably one that you don’t need… if you get my drift…

Not only  that – wait until you see how the mallet drill would help you set your address position perfectly according the stance theory.

One thing you’ll hear me talking about in the future – the “line of scrimmage” or the “off-side rule,” and this is what it means**


**This is an excerpted posting.  You can read the rest of this posting and see how a mallet will train your golf swing to maximum efficiency and power at DJ’s Watering Hole, Wax Golf’s private Members’ site.


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