NOTHING In Modern Golf Makes It “Easier”

tiger-extendI keep hearing the same argument when anyone resists swinging with mechanical-correctness, usually in the form of an internet/armchair swing guru complaining about MCS.

PeterAllenby, one of my long-time readers, is part of a forum where he tries to spread the word.

When he linked to a clip last year or before on my 4 iron swing (not the one from the last posting, a different one), he was told that the “throw release” would be difficult to play with as “it requires too much timing.”


The natural way to throw and release “requires too much timing?”

Absurd.  Anything that is mechanically-correct will make your impact “easier to time” than something that isn’t.

Example: How much easier is it to time a good impact under your nose when you’re trying to release the club at the target, or worse, “swinging left?”  

I would submit to the court that this is a laughable notion.

How about this: You keep the leading heel planted during the back swing for more stability and control.

Uh… yeah… so why isn’t every pro hitting every fairway and every green swinging planted-heel?  Or at least showing the same control and stability in their swing as the classic players?

speith swing


All I see is snapping and twisting and jumping body parts… doesn’t look very stable to me…

tiger new swing


And let me just ask, “More stability and control than Bobby Jones? Sam Snead? Byron Nelson? Ben Hogan? Jack Nicklaus? Billy Casper? Vijay Singh?”

I think that reasoning is laughable as well.

And what’s with all of the lower back and leading knee and hip injuries with the planted-heel swingers?

They can’t hit it as straight as Jack or Byron did, and with better equipment, and nowhere near as long as Jack or Arnie or Sam (give the modern players the same equipment as the old guys and stand back – and call a fleet of ambulances, while you’re at it) … so why all the injuries?

I deal with facts and figures and in my ten years of swing research, swinging as hard as I could for much of that time, with drivers and irons and 3-4-5 buckets of balls per day, never once did I injure myself swinging, even when my technique was less optimal than now.

Because, I played a lot of sports as a kid, and there are certain things I just won’t do.  Many of the modern golf swing “moves” and positions, I just looked at them, I might have tried one or two swings, and said, “I’m not doing that… that’s insane…”

I tried about every swing move you could like.  If I felt something weird swinging a certain way, I stopped swinging that way.

If it hurts to bang your head against the wall… do you keep doing it?

So, I don’t need a PhD in biomechanical engineering – I know what it takes to hit a ball long and straight, and the more mechanically-sound your technique is, the easier you will do it.

hogan heel lift


Not only that, the most optimal golf swing is premised on any other swinging motion, and also the side-arm throw, both of which I could perform with ease from childhood… as well as a good deal of you out there, I’d wager.


Simple Fact: You are not supposed to swing or throw with a restricted lower body, and by trying to use core and other secondary muscles to power a throw or swing.  You do it by swinging with the body to create leverage.

Try a baseball swing or throwing something heavy doing it the modern golf way – but call your doctor first to book that emergency appointment…

Another Simple Fact: If there were a better way to throw or swing than the way we throw and swing, you would find it in baseball, polo, cricket or in the forest following a lumberjack around.

No one swings or throws anything (if they fancy themselves good at it) the way the modern golf swing is taught and performed.  Simply, because it is asinine.

You know what bugs me the most about golf?

I look at track & field, one of my favorite competing sports in high school…

I look at hockey, which I played as a kid…

I look at baseball, also played that…

And in these sports, technique is king.

Good, sound kinesiological technique, and performance improves.

Golfers today are as bad at it, and twice as confused, as they were 20 years ago.

And no one seems to mind that the guys teaching the swing are literally destroying bodies and decreasing peoples’ quality of life, all to sell another stupid gimmick.

Drives me crazy.

Golf is a game, which means you can play it at a very high level with bad technique.  There are lots of guys who swing terribly and yet win tournaments and money.  It’s a game.  They swing within themselves, and play well enough overall to do very well. Doesn’t bother me.

But if you’re going to treat golf as a sport, and start demanding things of your body – like speed and power – then, it bothers me if you’re not doing it properly – then, you’d better make sure those things are mechanically-sound, or you will regret it.

If not today or tomorrow, you will.  And if it isn’t today or tomorrow, it will be too late when that regret sweeps in.

That’s all…


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