Rory McIlroy May Have Found “The Secret”

rory topThere is a way to swing with a planted leading heel, as I’ve said.

I’ve also pointed out someone with a passable planted-heel swing model (one Dustin Johnson, for example), but hold the phone a minute…

Has Rory McIlroy found “the secret” to the modern golf swing’s planted heel pivot?

I think he has – if you Wax Members who’ve been following the DJ’s Watering Hole postings on the planted-heel hip and leg action for the pivot – look at Rory down below here when he’s at address:

Feels good to hit the driver again! 👍💪⛳️

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In fact, I have been saving a video for the Watering Hole for this weekend that will explain the planted-heel back swing pivot, and you’ll be able to compare what I’m saying to what Rory’s doing in that driver swing.

Note: This will be fully covered and explained in the upcoming “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” video… but back to Rory…

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I also talked about the secret to Ben Hogan’s post-crash pivot was in this picture below:



Can you see it yet?  OK, I’ll tell you**

The MCS Secret To The Planted Heel Pivot

planted heel video screen shot


So, it looks like Rory is getting much better positioning and hip/leg action as he recovers from that ankle ligament rupture.

You’ll notice there’s still a little left foot snap, but nothing like he had a couple of months ago before the injury.

Has Rory discovered the secret to the planted heel pivot?

We’ll see when he gets back to action, won’t we?


**This is an excerpted posting from DJ’s Watering Hole, Wax Golf’s private Members’ site.


4 thoughts on “Rory McIlroy May Have Found “The Secret”

  1. InTheZone

    I have to say its looking much better than the heave he had earlier. Would be a positive change if he sticks with it

    1. D Watts Post author

      Looking forward to his next televised event so I can get a better look. Rory is the only top player I’ve seen actually working to make his swing more sound.

      Correction: Rickie Fowler under Butch Harmon has done great work with his swing as well…

  2. DB Coop

    I read this morning that Rory is confirmed to play in the PGA. Will be nice to see that new move.

    Any predictions on how it goes DJ?

    1. D Watts Post author

      I wouldn’t expect anything, DB – he hasn’t played in over a month, and whatever practice he’s had can’t have been quality.

      If he plays two full rounds and makes the cut – and finishes – I would call that a huge leap forward.

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