Peter Kostis Uses MCS Terminology

kostisYes, if you watched the CBS broadcast from the PGA Tour’s 2015 Quicken Loans National event yesterday, you would have seen Peter Kostis using MCS terminology describing the hybrid swing mechanics (“pushing/throwing” combined with “pulling”).

I kid you not.  Anyone who has read my blogging on the golf swing knows that I’ve used the same terms for years upon years to describe the actions of a mechanically-correct swing motion.

Remember this?


That picture above, I posted to the DJ Watts Golf blog back in August of 2011… that’s four years ago…

I have been critical of some of Peter Kostis’ analyses in the past, but this one is virtually what I would say in the same instance.  I’d have my line or lines in a different place, but I can’t find anything in this clip to which to object.

Peter Kostis Talks “Push & Pull” and “Throw”


The two more common types are the “throwing” or right-dominant swing, we know…

dustin j2


… and the hybrid swing which  most people use instinctively, to both “pull” and “throw” or “push.”

drv rear view


The problem is that most people don’t know why you need a floating heel to use the “pull” and “hybrid” swings, and you don’t need much heel float if any at all (depending on your own physical specs) to use the “throw” model.



4 thoughts on “Peter Kostis Uses MCS Terminology

    1. D Watts Post author

      Yes, I saw that as well… maybe he meant one of the Top 10 Reverse Pivot Horror Shows?

      Baby steps… I’ll point out when he’s saying actual good things in the hopes he builds on those statements.

  1. bigtoilet

    I have little doubt that the so called “Experts” are AWARE of WAXGOLF and it’s awesomeness….and are apt to rip off Mr. Watts.

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