On The Down Swing Pivot

down swing screen capI had posted something to DJ’s Watering Hole a couple of days ago simply to aid someone who had asked a question regarding the down swing sequence.

The problem with the down swing, as I’ve said, is that while it can be “over at the top,” meaning you’ve done everything correctly to that point and you make a good swing, there can be things that can sabotage that effortless down swing.

It is important enough that Larry2013, who actually caddied a couple of times on the Canadian Tour and who has been an avid golfer his entire life, had this to say about that posting:

Dear Fellow Wax Members,

Based on my personal journey to learn UMCS, in my humble opinion, DJ’s posting today on the initiation of the downswing, is ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT ARTICLES HE HAS WRITTEN, over the years he has spent in doing his wonderful research.

My above sentiments are based on both DJ’s teaching, and my personal recent experience, that once one reaches the top of the backswing through the UMCS PIVOT, one is able to deliver the club back to the ball in a square manner, through following DJ’ s posting today.

Following the above sure can lead to a whole lot more enjoyment in playing golf.

down swing screen cap—–

So, thanks to Larry2013 for alerting me to the crucial aspect of this swing component (I think everything is crucial, but this may be a common stumbling block for many), and here is the proper down swing pivot**


**This is an excerpted posting from DJ’s Watering Hole, Wax Golf’s private Member site.