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Take The Swing “To The Wall”

djs wallI am getting through all of the new material for the upcoming “KinesioIogy of the MCS Golf Swing” material that I had to re-shoot for the video, and here’s a little tidbit for the DJ’s Watering Hole crew on the “mallet” action of the MCS Golf Swing.

This is more for the “throwing” swingers, but if you are a hybrid swinger, this concept should also make sense to you as it simply shows the right or power side action in a throwing and/or hybrid swing action.

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NOTHING In Modern Golf Makes It “Easier”

tiger-extendI keep hearing the same argument when anyone resists swinging with mechanical-correctness, usually in the form of an internet/armchair swing guru complaining about MCS.

PeterAllenby, one of my long-time readers, is part of a forum where he tries to spread the word.

When he linked to a clip last year or before on my 4 iron swing (not the one from the last posting, a different one), he was told that the “throw release” would be difficult to play with as “it requires too much timing.”

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Iron Byron – Throw Release ‘Cause Science…

iron byronYes, the machine known as the “Iron Byron” has a throw release, because, “Science,” of course.

It’s easy to dismiss the notion of swinging with a motion like Iron Byron because, of course, we’re not machines.

And anyone who claims to have a swing model like Iron Byron’s, is of course being absurd, but I imagine it sells… we swing like living machines, and with two arms.

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Brooke Henderson 3rd Youngest LPGA Winner Ever

brooke hendersonIt was a great weekend for Canadians who watch golf.

A crowd favorite and Canadian Open Champion Jason Day (who’s an Aussie, not a Canuck) wins the PGA Championship in record fashion…

And Brooke Henderson from small-town Ontario, Canada, has become the 3rd youngest winner ever on the LPGA Tour.

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Who Is The Guy Announcing PGA Tour Online? (Updated 2X)

rory mcilroy topUpdate #1 at Bottom, Update #2 beneath the first picture of Rory @ the top**

Rant Alert.

My first choice of title for this posting was “Who Is This Clown?” but prudence prevailed.

This, my friends, is why you can’t learn proper golf mechanics from the modern swing guys, whether they’re teaching it or announcing the pro events.

They have no clue what they’re talking about.  Either that or they’re deliberately misleading people.

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How MCS Was Payne Stewart’s Swing?

*This is a posting from the DJ Watts Golf blog back on January 31, 2012.

I have edited it because in the original posting, I alluded to the claims of Payne having taken lessons from Mike Austin, which of course is another one of the Austin mythical tales – however, the swing as performed by Payne Stewart is so obviously a “pulling/hybrid” swing of the MCS family type – what a swing! /update

Brandon wanted me to take a look at Payne Stewart’s swing with regards to how it compares to Mike Austin’s technical theory.  (edit: Instead, let’s look at it from the current MCS swing theory).

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Mike Dunaway’s Swing Mechanics

Mike-DunawayThose of you who have been around for the past few years might remember my constant harping on my view that Mike Dunaway’s swing was not the same model as Mike Austin’s.

If you aren’t familiar with Mike Dunaway, he is largely regarded as the father of modern long driving and who passed away last year around this time.

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Rory McIlroy May Have Found “The Secret”

rory topThere is a way to swing with a planted leading heel, as I’ve said.

I’ve also pointed out someone with a passable planted-heel swing model (one Dustin Johnson, for example), but hold the phone a minute…

Has Rory McIlroy found “the secret” to the modern golf swing’s planted heel pivot?

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Dear Tiger – You’re Not Sam Snead

snead topOh dear, Tiger Woods is into the crazy-talk again.

No, Tiger, you’re not Sam Snead.

You’re not even Vijay Singh – he was as good a ball-striker as you were, even better, when he was 40.

When he won his 3rd and last major, the PGA Championship in 2004 and achieved the Number 1 mark in the World Golf Rankings, he was 41 and a half years old.

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Michelle Wie – Shut It Down For ’15, Please…

michelle wie finishMichelle Wie did exactly as expected during the Ricoh British Women’s Open – I had said she’d either MC or WD, and she WD’d on the way to a guaranteed MC, having aggravated her left foot injury by playing hurt.

As I also said before, many athletes finish a game or same-day competition fighting through injuries, but then they go away and get better before competing again.

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