Michelle Wie – Left Left Left Left Left…

michelle wie pivotIf you want any proof just how damaging the modern conventional swing can be to the body, you only have to look at far as Michelle Wie, whose physical ailments have been documented here as she breaks down.

And breaking down she is, like a used rental car on a cross-country trip.  The thing people don’t seem to have done is ask themselves why everything about Wie-zee is “left…”

This paragraph is amazing, as Michelle prepares to tee of in the Ricoh Women’s British Open Championship at Turnberry, from GolfChannel:

Wie was diagnosed with bursitis in her left hip after withdrawing from the Kingsmill Championship in the middle of May. She’s also been struggling with pain in her left knee and left ankle, joints that have endured wear and tear as shock absorbers of her powerful swing. The bone spur in the left foot was a newly diagnosed malady after the U.S. Women’s Open.

Sadly, the young lady is falling apart.

And here’s the worst news: she’s going to get worse.  Not only is she set on playing through all of this stuff (the average person would be on home rest and likely in bed a good deal of the day), aggravating what could be permanent damage, she’s going to keep swinging the way she swings.

michelle wie back swing


Because, if having a bum left hip, left knee, left ankle and left foot doesn’t phase you – nothing will.

The first rule of sports injury rehabbing is – You don’t play through injuries.

That’s the worst thing you can do.  I’m not talking about gritting out a game or tournament in which you began healthy and then hurt yourself.  Lots of athletes finish a game or event while hurt, and then they go off and get better…

They don’t keep adding injury to injury by continuing to punish their bodies doing the same things that caused the injuries.

Michael Jordan missed nearly his entire second season with a broken foot suffered early on, and he was foaming at the mouth to get back onto the court.  Saner heads prevailed however, and he wasn’t allowed back on the court until he was healthy.


To get ready this week, she also had a platelet-rich-plasma injection in the foot and a cortisone shot for her still ailing left hip.

She’s hobbling around Turnberry with an orthopedic boot on her foot with the bone spur.

The hip, knee and ankle are still not healed, and this story has nothing but a bad ending for MW if she doesn’t turn this ship around.

And the only thing that can turn this slow-motion wreck around is – a mechanically-sound swing.

After she’s healthy.

Anything else, and Michelle is likely much closer to retirement or ceremonial competition than she is to winning her next major.

Update: I’ve just checked the Ricoh Leaderboard, and Michelle has shot a 1st round score of 76 to finish currently in T91 T97at +4.

m wie 1st round


She’s going to miss the cut or WD, and all that damage she had inflicted on her body preparing for this – all for naught…


5 thoughts on “Michelle Wie – Left Left Left Left Left…

    1. D Watts Post author

      She might get the chance to start that new career sooner than anyone thinks.

  1. Buddhabob

    have to agree with the Chief, sure looks like in lieu of any Port-a-Potties she has decided to squat right there in public off the first tee. Don’t know why but this has made her somewhat less attractive to moi.

  2. Buddhabob

    I would add that the in the first photo her stance looks way too wide as if she’s trying to imitate Paul Bunyan in a short skirt. Just that wide a stance alone would lead to major problems with pivoting and narrow the range of motion.

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