Sometimes A Picture…

high heel…is worth a thousand words.

Sometimes a picture can destroy without even the need for words, the very flawed and dangerous concepts of the modern swing instruction industry.

This picture, I view as one such photo.  Here are Arnie, Jack and Bobby near the tops of their respective back swings.  Three players who absolutely dominated their own generations in terms of their swings, and look at them.

If you don’t see what I’m pointing out, then you’re really, really in the weeds with modern swinging.

high heel


Because it’s obvious at a casual glance that the best swingers of their day not only had a floating heel with their floating pivot – they had tremendous leading heel lift.

So, think about that…

Because this is the classic golf swing pivot action, and it’s mechanically-correct, unlike the planted-heel, restricted-hip swing of today.

The science of golf swinging has fallen upon hard times in the last twenty-thirty years.  Other sports have progressed and improved, and the golf swing has gotten worse, technically and physically.

And that’s why you’re seeing 20-somethings with ridiculous injuries for someone their age…