The Loss Of The Floating Heel Was The Death Blow

ArnoldPalmerIn the ten years I’ve been studying the golf swing and building swing models, I’ve yet to come across anything more destructive to natural swinging, more disruptive to the kinetic chain, more problem-causing and injury-dealing than this move in golf.

It’s the worst move in modern swing theory, and it’s what really separates modern swing theory gibberish from solid, classic-era swing theory.

And that move is the planted-leading-heel back swing.

This is the root of modern swing ills.  Sure, you can point out Dustin Johnson or another freak of nature who seemingly swings like butter (Ernie Els?) with a planted heel – and they are the exceptions that prove the rule.

Trust me – if I were able to decree that all free-throws in basketball were to be shot with one bounce from the line, off the floor before hitting the basket – someone, somewhere, would be hitting 96% from the line doing it that way.

How about backwards, bounced between the legs?  And now, you don’t have to do that, but you choose to (modern golf swing)?

Someone will still be the best at it.

It doesn’t make it the optimal way to do it though, does it?

So, if you make everyone or just about everyone swing with a planted leading heel – someone is going to shoot crazy scores, hit long drives and do everything I say you can’t do with a planted heel.

And guess what?

That person won’t be you.

Trust me.

If it were, you wouldn’t be reading my blog.  You wouldn’t be out there looking for answers to your swing issues.

And the answer, simply, is to swing with mechanical-correctness, just as you would prefer to walk, run and throw with mechanical-correctness.

What About Jordan Spieth?

I’ve already said this kid is great.  Smokin’ great, and a true legend in the making – but his swing is atrocious. There’s just no hiding that when you watch it.

speith swing


Still, he’s a great player… so…

So if you in your deluded reasoning think that because Jordan Spieth can win majors with a rolling ankle and harpoon dive you can swing in the same manner and enjoy the same results, good luck… but you’ll notice that there’s only one Jordan Spieth out there, and it’s not you.

Remember the analogy on free-throws – Jordan Spieth is going to win tournaments, and lots of them, whatever swing he uses – provided it doesn’t wreck some part of his body first… and guess what?

He’s just a natural great athlete, with both parents having been athletes (always choose your parents carefully for success in sports, music, the arts), and like I said… free throws…

Same with Tiger Woods.  How many people have wrecked themselves trying to swing like Tiger Woods?



There’s only one Tiger Woods, and that one can barely walk anymore… just saying… even he’s paid the price for swinging the way he swings.

So, if you’re looking for answers to your swing issues, the first and most basic thing to stop doing, if you’re doing it, is to try to swing with a planted heel.

I started doing that in the 90’s when I got my first lessons, and the ten years of my research has been, I am now asserting, largely a process of re-learning athletic motion because swinging planted-heel completely short-circuited all of my athletic instincts.

Now that I’ve figured out the MCS model right-handed – I’m telling you all – the swing is “that easy” when you swing properly and with a full body motion, not the torso-torquing upper-body-only swing with the planted heel and restricted hip turn.

That is killing the golf swing, and it shouldn’t be killing you.

Let them kill themselves.

Swing properly, and you’ll see.

If you’re swinging with a floating heel and still having problems – have no fear, the “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” will be available for download sometime in August, and you’ll then see how easy it is to swing with a proper motion once you ditch all the modern garbage.


6 thoughts on “The Loss Of The Floating Heel Was The Death Blow

  1. Laser

    Planted heel. I wonder if that’s really what Tour Pros do. Most of them…even modern swingers…I’d say no. At a minimum, I’d say that the heel usually gets un-weighted.

    Take Ernie Els. In this video link below, DTL looks like a planted left heel. But face-on, you can see the heel lift.

    (Ernie Els :55)

    Then, I suppose you could tell me, “Els tore ligaments in his left knee in 2005, and the injury kept him out of golf, and then off form, for quite a while.”

  2. bigtoilet

    Big Ern has had times in his career when he has floated the heel, and times when he hasn’t. Now for sure TOUR players become “Un-weighted” into there backswing, but if the heel doesn’t detach some, the strain on the body is still there.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I’ve got some good stuff for you next time, BT – but it takes more than simply “un-weighting” the leading heel.

      Yes, some separation is still better than none, but the Arnie Palmer high heel, the Nicklaus high heel and the Bobby Jones high heel – it is never a coincidence when you find that dominating swingers from their separate generations were doing the same thing.

      We’ll talk ‘-)

      1. D Watts Post author

        I haven’t looked at Ernie’s swing in years and years. He was planted-heel in the 90’s and into the 00’s, so I’m surprised to read about this.

        But that certainly explains the 2012 Open win!

        And I wonder how many more majors he’d have if he’d realized earlier in his career what he’s saying in that article:

        “From a good, solid fundamental base, you can put some speed behind your swing,” Els says. “You can be more aggressive.”

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