UM… Shouldn’t Be Retracting This Article?

MichelleWieTip1Yes, I’m talking about the article wherein Michelle Wie was instructing their readers on exactly how you go about destroying your hip and developing bursitis

That one…

The one where Michelle says:


To start, do what I do: Take an extra-wide stance and plant each foot well outside your shoulders (photo, above). This broader base further restricts your hip turn.

Then push out your knees so you look a bit bowlegged, like I do, and squat down a bit, pressing your spikes into the ground. Your legs are now engaged—the tightness signals that you’re ready to start your backswing.

I mean, here she is telling people exactly what to do, and then we get this from Golfweek not even two months after the article’s publication:

Those who have watched Wie compete the past year can understand how her swing led to hip pain. Her pre-shot routine demonstrated her quest for an exaggerated load on the left side.

Leadbetter said the wide stance and drive down through the left hip and knee was to keep her hips from spinning out.

So… Michelle Wie was telling people to adopt an extra-wide stance and to restrict their hip turn – and doing this is exactly what has wrecked her hip, as evidenced by the now-much-narrower stance as she tries to piece her body back together.

So… I was just wondering…

Anything to say,

About giving outrageously incompetent swing advice from golfers who are destroying their bodies with the same moves, and readily admit it after they break down?


Carry on?


And I get it, actually.

You can’t even tell people not to kill themselves swinging this way, because a month ago, you were praising the same moves.

Admitting that now would be to admit you know nothing about proper mechanics, and the situation is nothing more than the blind leading the blind.

And now you know why I think the whole modern golf instruction industry is a big, steaming pile of misdirection, bad mechanics and junk science…

Because it is...


18 thoughts on “UM… Shouldn’t Be Retracting This Article?

  1. bigtoilet

    Is DJ Watts the ONLY voice of reason? Seriously, please….tell me somebody else out there telling it like it is. Nobody calls ANYBODY out.

    Why you ask……because they are all frauds!! TV swing gurus especially, followed by closely by the liars and frauds on sites like that.

    So here you are on WAXGOLF…..Congrats, there is nowhere else to go for the TRUTH!! Learn here and reach your potential.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I don’t think this is the only place to hear the truth, but I can assure you that I don’t have any sacred cows, so all is fair game when it comes to swing mechanics.

      They’re either correct, or they aren’t. Some are more correct than others, but bad is bad, and this stuff is so bad… not to mention they leave that article hanging out there like rotten fruit for others to try and sicken themselves with.

      Sad, really…

  2. peterallenby2013

    I would think the publishers of Golf would assign a reporter to do a little investigative journalism and try to flesh out and answer the question posed by DJ.

    It is so glaringly obvious that to NOT observe that there might be some cause and effect, that this swing methodology might have something to do with Wie’s injury, is tantamount to the worst of journalism – Jerry is right – as a teaching professional he understands that there a hefty monetary interest at stake maintaining the status quo…

    But a magazine makes money by increasing circulation and thus the prices it may charge advertisers in that magazine (as well as subscription and newsstand sales). Why THEY aren’t seeking out provocative topics is a bit baffling to this reader.

    I know they too have bills to pay and the status quo helps to pay those bills, but to ignore the obvious seems to mean that they have lost their way..

    Whatever happened to journalistic integrity?

    1. D Watts Post author

      Journalistic integrity, Peter? Surely you jest… there hasn’t been any since the news orgs became corporate stooges more interested in selling expensive ad time than in what they wedge in between commercials.

      The golf media are nothing more than lapdogs for the business – if had a shred of integrity, they’d remove that article or at least add a big, blinking caveat that Michelle Wie took her own advice and can now barely hobble around a course.

      Like I said, if there was one shred…

      1. xyz459

        conspiracy theory alert!! maybe kinesio-tape is a subsidiary of probably not an option for most guys (or eurogirls). just like removing a bandaid. ouch!

  3. bigtoilet

    The day DJ stops daily blogging is the day my life gets dark and lonely…..I have NEVER read more brilliant stuff on ANY subject!
    DJ should get paid to write…..

    1. D Watts Post author

      “Dark and lonely?!?” LOL, you have a gift for drama, my friend – and I don’t have to be paid to blog, I would do that for nothing – but I do have to make a living, and that’s what interferes with the blogging.

  4. Laser

    At the beginning, I told myself, “I’m going to do this the right way. I’ll buy some books on golf instruction.”

    What a cruel joke!!! Golf instruction is overwhelmingly counter-productive. And, the worst part is …it could take 10 years to un-learn it.

    1. D Watts Post author

      “And, the worst part is …it could take 10 years to un-learn it…”

      Hmm… I think I’ve said that I spent more time purging modern swing garbage from my brain than I actually did figuring out proper mechanics, Laser.

      No, I know I’ve said that, come to think of it. And once the garbage was purged… very quick progress in figuring out the last and final MCS swing model last year.

    1. D Watts Post author

      And the insanity in this case is taking a flawed premise in the foundation (swinging with a planted leading heel, which immediately severs the kinetic chain) and thinking you can build a mechanically-proper swing upon it…

  5. bigtoilet

    Kostis has to spew his “intellect” to the non-golf understanding public who buy into his crap. Those of us in the industry laugh at him a lot (as do the players on TOUR…trust me, they do). Somehow he’s STILL gettin’ PAID!!!! Big $$ too.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Actually, it was Big Toilet who brought that article to my attention BC, as I rarely read through them anymore… too depressing… but when he sent me that posting, I had to say something

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