Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan & Jack Nicklaus…

bobby jonesYou only have to look at the three swingers named in the blog posting if you’re trying to figure out what mechanically-correct swings look like and how the best of the classic era used MCS swing motions beautifully.

If you’re looking for the pivot action and the right side, Ben Hogan will do very nicely.  If you’re looking for leading side leverage and the pivot, then go to Jack Nicklaus.

But if you’re looking for the grand-daddy of classic and mechanically-superior swing mechanics, then you go all the way back to Bobby Jones, who was so far ahead of his time with swing mechanics, it’s scary to watch.

Scary because he was doing this a hundred years ago and yet, no one seems to be able to swing this way today.

You have a few floating heel swingers around (Bubba Watson, Phil Mickelson and previously, Vijay Singh from the most recent generations of modern players), but few others.

It is positively shocking to contemplate how far and how severely the knowledge of proper athletic motion in the golf swing has regressed, when you compare how advanced the motion theory is in other sports.

I can go on forever about how a proper golf swing syncs both sides of the body and uses the hip and leg action to power the pivot, but all you have to do is look at old footage of Bobby Jones.

Bobby Jones’ Leading Side Leverage & Right Side Action


And as relevant as his swing was to the original MCS “Ultimate Leverage” video from last winter, the upcoming “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” takes the UMCS model from last winter and completes the right-hand action motion by adding the left side, making it a full-body swing motion.

I have been congratulating those who’ve placed their Advance Orders already, because I don’t think anyone has any idea what the next video is going to do with MCS swing theory.

But let’s just say, if you’re getting it before the offer ends in the next week or so – you’re stealing it from me, but I don’t mind.  Call it a reward for jumping in before I have it finished and before the price goes up.

And go up it will, because as the Members at DJ’s Watering Hole have been finding out the past few weeks (they’ve had access to the material that will make up the video, for a few weeks now), the additional things I’ve developed with the UMCS theory since the last video blow everything (even the original video) away.