“Hey DJ – You Cross The Line At The Top…”

bobby jones topAnd my response is, yeah?  

So what?  

My return question would be, Why doesn’t yours?”

Let me show you a really, really bad swinger, a guy who couldn’t win anything because he was always crossing the parallel line to the target line with his club shaft at the top:

Bobby Jones’ Terrible, Horrible Back Swing


You know, it’s funny how people will obsess over the littlest things in golf, especially the things that mean nothing – the parallel line to the target line – what does that have to do with the fact that you’re swinging a club behind you, away from a ball in front of you?

bobby jones top


Pray tell – if the club is in front of you at the address, what does a line parallel to your target line have to do with a proper pivot action?

And let me ask you this – if a golfer with a planted heel and a shaft that is parallel at the top…

flat back swing


– finished his back swing by allowing the leading heel to float and his hips to properly turn to the top – where would his club shaft be pointing then?


floating pivot back swing


So, while the modern swing gurus obsess about meaningless things like shaft position at the top, I just swing the way my body is designed, and the way the classic era golfers swung.

Because the degree of hip turn will affect your club shaft position at the top, all else being equal.

Whoops, someone had better fix Nancy Lopez’ swing there… she’ll find it hard to win anything with that top position…

nancy lopez top—–

So, if you are looking to swing a golf club without hurting your back, knees or ankles, there are simple things in the mechanics that the classic players did to avoid those injuries.

They swung properly, for one…

And Bobby Jones retired from golf at the age of 28 with a degenerative back disease that left him wheel-chair bound the last years of his life.

But he won over 60% of the tournaments in which he played while he was able to swing and walk, and all the while with an aching back that got worse over the years – but his back was perfectly fine with his swing.

Meanwhile, we have guys in their 20’s now, most of them built like Adonis, coming down with all manner of shoulder, back and hip/knee problems from swinging clubs lighter than the ones Bobby Jones would have swung.

That should tell you something that the modern swing gurus don’t know – how to swing without damaging your body.

The classic era guys?

They knew.


4 thoughts on ““Hey DJ – You Cross The Line At The Top…”

  1. bigtoilet

    Yes, little things in the swing should NOT be obsessed over. Crossing “the line” at the op is one of them. So many little feels in the swing are just that, little “feels.” Stick to getting the crux of UMCS right and go on your own way from there.

    1. D Watts Post author

      My greatest breakthrough in my personal swing journey was to separate what I felt I was doing from what I was doing. I made myself swing the correct way mechanically, however strange it felt, and each time it “felt” more natural.

      Now, my “feel” is synced with my “real.”

      And that’s all I can ask for 🙂

  2. zoots15

    Bobby Jones. What a swing. Free-wheeling sling of the club head right into the back of the ball.

    Brought (back) to you courtesy of,
    UMCS and the floating pivot.

    1. D Watts Post author

      zoots, if you listen to the last 10-15 seconds of that video, you hear the man himself describing the “throw” move with the “drop and pop,” though he uses different phrasing.

      Nice to know I’m more in accordance with Bobby Jones than with Bobby Modern Guru 😉

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