You Have To See This – Mobility & Stability

2I’ve said before that you need both stability and mobility in a proper, athletic and mechanically-correct golf swing.

Well, since the work I’ve done on my own swing with the Jack Nicklaus Project, let me show you what my driver swing looks like when you look at the mobility and stability…

First, we have address, and I have superimposed my driver swing over a still frame of my address position using the MCS “Ultimate Leverage” swing model, or simply the UMCS model:



Moving to the top of the back swing, there is perfect stability in the head position even while I perform a “floating pivot” back swing with past-90 degree shoulder turn and leverage the club Jack Nicklaus-style:




Finally, here’s the impact position.  Other than the slight drop caused by the spine flexing and the “trebuchet drop” action of the head in the impact-follow-through stage, once again, perfect stability:



It looks even cooler in motion, as you see a full swing that can produce well over 300 yards on a drive, and how consistent do you think I would be with a swing like this?

dj driver gif


Bear in mind that I’m just a swing researcher, and I don’t get to practice and play all day, every day…

But look at that action above and think that this swing model didn’t officially exist until last December, and this is what I’ve been able to do with it in about 7 or 8 weeks back outside swinging this season.

It’s the real deal, and it’s a swing model built on the stance and pivot action of the greatest players of the classic swing era.  In short, this is going back to the basics of the early age of golf, when people more or less knew how to swing for power and consistency.

This model above, built to model the greatest players of the past, and with their own personal swing flaws or idiosyncrasies removed, is why the older players weren’t hurting themselves swinging persimmon drivers.

It’s why their scoring averages on inferior course conditions are as good or better than today’s modern swingers.  Tiger Woods is the only person to have beaten Byron Nelson’s scoring average per round… and it took 50 years for him to do that… think about it.

And think about how the classic era players were still teeing it up in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s (heck Arnie is still playing in his 80’s), and think about how today’s players won’t be able to do that when their backs and knees give out sometime in their 30’s or 40’s.

A 40 year old modern swinger is old beyond imagination, physically (look at Tiger Woods, 39…), where the classic age players played until they literally died of old age…

What do you think it could be?

Could it be the swing?

DJ Drives It – 180+ MPH Ball Speed


Meanwhile, this 45 year old swing researcher is producing ball speeds and drive yardages (straight, not all over the place) to match the longest driver on the PGA Tour, one Dustin Johnson, all without breaking a sweat or hurting one muscle in his body…




2 thoughts on “You Have To See This – Mobility & Stability

  1. xyz459

    cool & artistic overlay, you’re definitely onto something with the stability. this is what the modern swing is trying to achieve with restricted hip turn and over torqued lower back but wie, woods, et al., have shown where this will lead.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thanks for the kind words, yxz – and I couldn’t have said it better than you just have… that’s exactly what’s going on, but they are doing the oppositelimiting mobility and losing stability…

      But have no fear. Leadbetter, Foley and Como will show the way… to a good back specialist! 😉

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