The Golf Swing – It’s All About The Pivot

larry2013 dtlThe golf swing is all about the pivot, and because it’s all about the pivot, it’s also all about the address stance and position relative to the ball and the ground.

I mentioned yesterday that one of my Wax Nation citizens paid me a visit on Monday and was blown away when we worked on and talked about the pivot (Jack Nicklaus-style) and he then hit his 7 iron with his first swing of the day, at least a club longer than he is used to hitting it.

By session’s end, he was hitting his 7 iron two clubs longer than than before.

And it’s all in the address position and the pivot.

Look how Larry2013 is standing, then compare his stance to Nicklaus’ and Hogan’s viewed down the line… and yes, all we did on Monday (our 1st session, we had worked on his address position to get it completely in line with the MCS model) was work on the pivot action.

The pivot action, especially with the left and right sides synched, and the address stance that are explained and demonstrated fully in the upcoming “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” video, I might add…

stances dtl


As I’ve said and you will note, the UMCS stance matches Ben Hogan’s nearly exactly, and is very close to Nicklaus’ when viewed dtl.  When viewed face-on, I can make an argument that both Nicklaus and Hogan are nearly identical at address to the UMCS stance.

And when you have the proper stance, you will then have a solid pivot provided you know the mechanics involved.

This was Larry2013’s back swing pivot (Nicklaus-style) on the first day we worked on it, and our second session together in total:

larry2013 back pivot



Now, the pivot above is very solid mechanically, and I don’t care how “graceful” it looks or doesn’t look because of how you make swing changes.

The good swings he put on the ball, very very good things happened.  So now, it’s a matter of getting used to the new “feels,” but he will be much smoother his next practice, and in a week or two, he won’t remember swinging any other way…

larry2013 dtl


I’ll discuss that at a later time, but when making changes, the focus is not on ball striking quality or results but simply making and feeling the proper mechanical action for the first time.

Take away Jack’s flying elbow… and there you are.  Now, that is a back swing pivot, and Larry2013 is 66 years old…

Larry2013 vs Jack Nicklaus’ Back Pivot

larry-jack top—–

This is not a “young man’s” swing only, nor a “power swinger’s” swing only – but Larry certainly felt a lot younger and more powerful than he’d felt in some time when he started smacking that ball out there with his enhanced leverage.

I asked him how it felt to be hitting his irons 1-2 clubs longer with the same effort, and he stated that he was actually swinging with a little less effort than before… because proper mechanics truly are effortless compared to improper mechanics.

We took stock of where he was at the end of the session, and I’ll see Larry2013 again when he’s worked out the things I’d like him to work out… and he’ll be that much closer to his optimal swing.

He did mention the word “gratifying” a few times when describing his swing and our work together the past month.

And while I’m on that word, nothing is more gratifying to this swing researcher than to have someone who had caddied on the Canadian Tour a time or two as a lark – come to this swing researcher to retool his golf swing.

it’s a shame more of my Wax Nation Citizens don’t live in my corner of the world – you can do quite a bit with Skype lessons and videos and email swing analysis – but when I can get my hands on someone… then things really take off…

Good work, Larry2013, and I’ll see you again later this summer!




8 thoughts on “The Golf Swing – It’s All About The Pivot

  1. D Watts Post author

    I had the comments disabled for some work on the blog, and forgot to turn them back on… apologies.

    And Happy Dominion Day to my Canadian Waxers!

  2. SB


    Larry looks good, even got the back foot flared.
    I will be ordering UMCS Pt. 2 when I get back in town so don’t raise prices.

    Its a great country we live in. Happy Canada Day.

    1. D Watts Post author

      No worries, the Advance Orders option will be around I’m sure, but you contact me when you want if it’s down, SB – you’ll get the discount – have a great time wherever you are, and Happy Canada Day! 😀

  3. David

    Happy Holidays DJ. Love Larry’s pivot for sure. Could his speed increase by maintaining his spine angle through impact? His shoulder does work well though. Great work both of you.

    DJ, maybe our “lumberjack shoulder dentist” can get to see you for some tlc. He is anxious to repeat our Arizona victory next spring. I hope you and Mark can set it up.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thank you David!

      I’m not worried about the changing spine angle. Larry’s had two sessions with me and that’s what his swing looked like during the 2nd. As he settles into the pivot action, he’ll get more comfortable with his positioning and things will get smoother.

      When working on swing changes, the key is focus on the changes. You can’t fix everything at once, and trying to do so… doesn’t work very well 😉

  4. msattler2013

    After a lot of experimenting on the rangeand course , I have figured out I hit balls and play much better with DJs old formula and wieght more on the back leg . At least that is what works best for me .!!!

    1. D Watts Post author

      That would be the New MCS Formula msattler, and very close to tbis model…so if that works best for you, you’re not doing much different…so I dont see a problem there!

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