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Michelle Wie – Left Left Left Left Left…

michelle wie pivotIf you want any proof just how damaging the modern conventional swing can be to the body, you only have to look at far as Michelle Wie, whose physical ailments have been documented here as she breaks down.

And breaking down she is, like a used rental car on a cross-country trip.  The thing people don’t seem to have done is ask themselves why everything about Wie-zee is “left…”

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How Long Will Jason Day’s Back Last?

????????????????I want to congratulate Jason Day, first of all, for that excellent finish at the RBC Canadian Open (birdied last 3 holes) in his victory by one stroke over Bubba Watson (who birded 4 of the last 5 holes, incredibly) and two over David Hearn (who couldn’t pull the putter back to make a stroke on the front 9).

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Big Toilet Makes The Cut @ California Open

Jerry 'Big Toilet' Crowell - 4 IronYou’ll all remember that my initial work on the final MCS swing model was to help Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell transition from being a PGA of America instructor to playing some tournament golf as well.

We’ve been working on his swing since I got back from Southern California in January, and things are starting to round out for him, swing-wise.

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People Look At the Wrong Ben Hogan…

hogan top 40sJust as I pointed out that the Moe Norman swing that made Moe Norman famous as a quirky, straight-shooting Canadian in the 50’s and 60’s had a floating pivot swing with a lifting heel.

The Moe Norman you see when someone mentions his name – that swing was a later-years swing when Moe began to exaggerate things in his swing to get more and more attention.

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Sometimes A Picture…

high heel…is worth a thousand words.

Sometimes a picture can destroy without even the need for words, the very flawed and dangerous concepts of the modern swing instruction industry.

This picture, I view as one such photo.  Here are Arnie, Jack and Bobby near the tops of their respective back swings.  Three players who absolutely dominated their own generations in terms of their swings, and look at them.

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The Loss Of The Floating Heel Was The Death Blow

ArnoldPalmerIn the ten years I’ve been studying the golf swing and building swing models, I’ve yet to come across anything more destructive to natural swinging, more disruptive to the kinetic chain, more problem-causing and injury-dealing than this move in golf.

It’s the worst move in modern swing theory, and it’s what really separates modern swing theory gibberish from solid, classic-era swing theory.

And that move is the planted-leading-heel back swing.

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Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan & Jack Nicklaus…

bobby jonesYou only have to look at the three swingers named in the blog posting if you’re trying to figure out what mechanically-correct swings look like and how the best of the classic era used MCS swing motions beautifully.

If you’re looking for the pivot action and the right side, Ben Hogan will do very nicely.  If you’re looking for leading side leverage and the pivot, then go to Jack Nicklaus.

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“Hey DJ – You Cross The Line At The Top…”

bobby jones topAnd my response is, yeah?  

So what?  

My return question would be, Why doesn’t yours?”

Let me show you a really, really bad swinger, a guy who couldn’t win anything because he was always crossing the parallel line to the target line with his club shaft at the top:

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You Have To See This – Mobility & Stability

2I’ve said before that you need both stability and mobility in a proper, athletic and mechanically-correct golf swing.

Well, since the work I’ve done on my own swing with the Jack Nicklaus Project, let me show you what my driver swing looks like when you look at the mobility and stability…

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