Once More – The “Leg Snap” Is A Flaw – A Bad One…

rear view seqYou hear all of the praise in TV announcers’ analyses of the “jumping bean” swingers on Tour who like to think they are generating awesome power and leverage with the leading leg “snap” through impact.

What you’re doing, in actuality, is compensating for a swing model that has you out of optimal leveraging position coming into impact, and so you have to hyper-extend the leading leg to get the lead hip and shoulder back to allow clearance of the right side.

It is a nasty, grinding and stretching move for the leg bones and ligaments (ask Tiger Woods, King of the Leading Leg-Snappers and who has a handful of left knee surgeries to go with the title), and the longer you do it to avoid learning a properly leveraged golf swing, the more you will regret it later.

300+ Yard Drives – Proper Leg Extension

drv rear view


I don’t really address my comments to the best players in the world – they won’t listen anyways, and they’re making far too much money to consider a swing change that might even temporarily interrupt that flow.

Jordan Spieth for example has just won two majors in a row and has already earned over $8 million on the course this season – there’s no way he’s going to change his harpoon-and-twist swing until he’s forced to – by worsening performance or injury.

The average player or even the amateur, however – you’re not making $8 million through half a golf season, and you’re not going to be able to buy replacement parts for everything in your body that breaks if you swing improperly…

Big Drives – Stable Leading Leg

drv cam


With the MCS Golf Swing, I can drive a ball over 350 yards, and I’ve been swinging as hard as I can swing for over 10 years now while developing golf models – not one knee, ankle, hip, back or neck injury to be found in all that time.

Three Words – Mechanically-Correct Swing

Driving a ball 350 doesn’t require a leg snap from me, and certainly when I’m swinging for “playing” purposes, it shouldn’t take a knee-snap move to just drive the ball 300 yards…



Even when I do drive the ball over 350 yards, in addition – you won’t see a hint of jumping, snapping or hyper-extension in my left knee or leg – because I’m leveraging properly, with a proper extension of the leading leg through impact and post-impact phase, and don’t have to do that…

leg extension rear view


I like my knees and hips and ankles… just saying…


8 thoughts on “Once More – The “Leg Snap” Is A Flaw – A Bad One…

  1. Laser

    Once again, an “unconventional” view. Maybe what I like about these is that I can just observe without all the rules about what I’m supposed to see.

    Like with DTL…I’m “supposed” to see club parallel to the target line halfway back, swing plane, spine angle, not crossing the line at the top, etc, etc.

  2. chiefcowpie

    The grace and effortlessness of DJ’s power is extraordinary to behold. Good thing for all you folks out there in smart phone and computer monitor land to inculcate this grace into your swings.

    Whenever I get a little off, its from too much effort to throw off the timing as these swing principles DJ teaches has a way of movement like a Swiss watch and to let the power happens on its own with the proper set up which is not to say there cannot be focused effort in the lowering of the kibosh for extra power.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thanks for the kind words, Chief – good to seeya!

      The appearance of “grace” and “effortlessness” are merely what happens when your eye observes a mechanically or athletically-correct motion.

      Just as a beautiful song is music to your eyes, an athletic motion performed properly will be eye candy of the sweetest taste! 😉

  3. peterallenby2013

    Another golf swing that proved DJs point that the leg snap is NOT NECESSARY: Byron Nelson…As our sensei of swing DJ Watts points out, all the great swingers of the golf club share certain immutable swing characteristics – Snap your fingers, not your knee!

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