The Secret To Jack Nicklaus’ Leverage

j1OK my friends, I am still going to make a video explaining the action you will see in the below Jack Nicklaus back swing gif.

But you will see what I am talking about with regards to the Mike Dunaway-inspired wrist-cock move and how it relates to Nicklaus’ pivot move.

I have taken the back swing with a superb angle to show what Nicklaus was doing, and if you remember what I also blogged about last winter about the right hip, you’ll see that as well.

Taking the gif. let’s first look at Nicklaus’ action:

nicklaus pivot


So, is everyone see what I’m seeing with Nicklaus’ back pivot?  Well, let me help you if you’re not seeing it, but it’s exactly how I’ve explained it in the previous posting, and how you can perform the same move with the MCS “Ultimate Leverage” swing model…***





Then, from the top, just imagine the leverage Nicklaus will produce with the simple dropping of the left heel and the driving of the hips through the impact zone.

I’ll shoot a video explaining it with some demo moves, sometime this weekend, to post to DJ’s Watering Hole for you all.


*** This is an excerpted posting.  You can read the rest of the posting on what made Jack Nicklaus’ pivot so powerful over at DJ’s Watering Hole, Wax Golf’s private Members’ site.