Jack Nicklaus – Effortless Long Driver

Nicklaus-SwingCentersJack Nicklaus wasn’t as long a hitter as, say, Sam Snead, but he was a power player for sure, and he blew it past even players like Arnie Palmer as a young gun.

Whereas Palmer player bomb and gouge golf compared to the likes of Hogan and Byron Nelson, Nicklaus was a long driver who like to keep it in play, and he used his prodigious length off the tee to overpower courses.

And what was the key to his effortless power production?

Just look at his leg action.  Jack Nicklaus used his legs to power his swing, not his torso.

Classic, mechanically-proper swinging and power generation, that’s all it was about.

The “Swinging Gate” which I talk about in the Wax Golf “Ben Hogan Project” and the MCS “Ultimate Leverage” videos, which is of course part of the “Floating Pivot” action of the classic era.

Jack Nicklaus Produces Power


00:38 –  Watch that left leg and heel, my friends – the greatest golfer of all time, one of the longest hitters in his era if not the longest (Snead was from the previous generation), and look at how smoothly he pulls it off.

If you want to swing with effortless power – stop freezing your lower body and hips on the back swing!

Jack knew how to do it.

You’re going to tell me he was wrong?

The only real flaw Nicklaus had in his swing was the tendency at times to swing with a squared left foot.

You can see that in some of the below swings with the rolling foot through impact at times, but everything else was so on point…

Yet people would rather let guys like Sean Foley and David Leadbetter re-invent physics… and you still won’t hit is as well as Nicklaus did.  But I can bet – your back will not love you for the choice of swing models!

Jack Nicklaus Powders The Ball – “Floating Pivot” Style